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100% Bestiary Trophy - PSN - Not Showing Up

I’ve not received my trophy for the 100% completion on the bestiary. To give as many details as possible, I will do that in hopes this is on the radar to be fixed.

-I’m on NG+ at the moment
-I hadn’t killed High Captain Blothe on the regular playthru
-I ran into him after killing Sky Captain Shanker on the NG+
-I’ve ran a few dungeons to see if the trophy would pop
-I have the entire bestiary completed and each one of the perks - also, each enemy is 100% completed
-I have the No Parley trophy

I’m wondering if this could be because I “technically” received 2 trophies simultaneously? Please help - I seriously love this game and you all did an outstanding job.

i have a hunch that this issue should be fixed once the next patch goes live. Waiting on Sony’s QA to finalize this thing.

Hey, guys; this will probably not be fixed on this next patch. But it’s on the priority list for the next one!

@ortizgames do you happen to know an ETA for the next PS4 patch? It’s literally what’s holding me back on playing.

@Clavitz We’re working as quickly as we can, but we need to be very careful at this point so as to not cause new bugs in our rush to fix old ones.

PS4 Patch 1.03 will be out very, very soon! I can’t speak to exact dates or times, but IT IS ALMOST UPON US.

Which issue are you waiting on resolution for?

@ortizgames. I didn’t know the wait was on you guys. I thought it was just Sony being slow about it but I don’t know much about how QA works in regards to patches for PS4 games. But hey, no rush here, I’m sure it’s really tiresome work developing games and from the looks of it everyone seems to be very busy.

Just the bugs you mentioned fixing as well a little bit of a balance. I’d like to get solid 100% playthrough on both a fresh file and new game+ then give some quality feedback that might be of use. I played through it once half hazardly and it’s a very fun game. Crossing my fingers for either a DLC patch and/or a sequel.

@Clavitz There’s some waiting for approval involved in any patch submission, but we take extra care with our fixes and put each patch through QA to make sure we fix issues we intended to and do not cause new ones for our players :slight_smile:

We appreciate the feedback! The experience should definitely be more polished on PS4, so looking forward to hearing your thoughts!