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100% Bestiary Achievement?

Just defeated C’Drall, and I’ve got every page of the Bestiary full, but the Steam achievement doesn’t seem to be unlocked yet. Do I need to have killed each enemy enough times (the specific number of times you need to defeat an enemy so that it’s stats and abilities will be fully known) to get a true 100% bestiary? Or am I supposed to have the achievement already?

Also, can’t seem to find Rainbow Submarine or Mobius for the Fishiary! Any tips?

Yep, you need to fill up the knowledge bar for all beasts!


I just filled up the knowledge bar for all the enemies but didn’t get the trophy. Do all the item drops have to be unlocked as well?

For fishiary just go to the fishmonger and fish all his stuff. I’m pretty sure all the fish can be caught there.

i can confirm that this is true. It’s how I got all the fish.

clear all the ponds, run back to the Inn and rest and rinse and repeat. Get some bonus shadow coins in the process.