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1.04's NG+ Difficulty

I’d like say thank you for doing this as it was greatly needed. Most everything feels right for the most part BUT I have one small complaint and I hope you understand:

The boss HP is much too small even on Mythical difficulty. I was able to remove them in 2 rounds with the right set up and even with that, they shouldn’t be dying so fast.

Btw, this issue was also a big problem with Darksiders 2 and was hoping Deathinitive difficulty would have addressed and sadly it didn’t. Please try and make sure your bosses aren’t push overs as that through the history of the games you’ve made they can be some of the best.

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Let’s say that when your gear is fully legendary it’s easy but… isn’t it normal with such gear?
When you go straight the bosses you aren’t that well prepared and then… you suffer :sweat_smile:
I still remember some specific encounters where I wasn’t victorious the first time :tired_face:

this was with some heroic gear(blue) at the same level as the boss.

i’m not saying damage is bad, that’s fine but the health is too low for Mythical. Going for DoTs is still useless outside of needed them to benefit from certain skills/perks.

Not on NG+ plus yet, but I wanted to point out a couple of things.
First thing first, I’ve completed the game six times on Xbox one X. Currently going for trophies on PS4.

  • I never finished my first playthrough for this game on PS4 (bought it day one for both consoles) because of the grinding to unlock all pirate ships and the Belevros quest.
    I’m glad to see you guys saw the light and made the pirate ships available at all times, but I really would like to understand your reasoning for the whole quest surrounding Gully’s ultimate. I consider it a serious design flaw: the right way to do it IMHO is like you did for Monika and other hunt quests, meaning turning it into some sort of scavenger hunt.
    Now, this comes from a player who LOVES grinding, and most of all LOVES grinding in this game. Because one of the reasons I enjoy to play Nightwar so many times is the impressive amount of combinations across different characters and across different skills.
    So if you already have people complaining there’s too much grinding, and if you have a guy who loves grinding not enjoying going through the Ironpost TEN TIMES on every run to unlock a specific weapon, maybe you should consider a less exhausting approach for something which in the end isn’t a game-changer at all and shouldn’t require so much investing in time and energy from the player.

  • I think that the single most problematic issue for people who complain about the final boss being too hard is the fact you guys don’t explain properly in the game the priceless value of piercing and penetrating damage. Even people who give out advice to help those getting stuck offer the usual “use Garrison” solutions.
    Again, it’s great that the game rewards you for taking the time to try out different combinations of characters and skills, but I guess if people understood piercing damage negates all types of defences and resistances, even C’Dralls, players would have less of a hard-time beating the final boss and wouldn’t end up calling it “unfair”.

  • I think in terms of balance there’s still some problems.
    Like I said, completed the game six times, and yet with the new patch I was dying to bats and spiders on the world map. That is something I would expect from ng+, not on a first run.
    The pirate ships also were quite surprising: died to them with a party of characters at the same level of the pirates and specced with full legendary gear. Somewhere between level 9 and level 12 pirates have become… manageable, and I think they pose a fair challenge.
    I don’t think a first timer on Switch is going to enjoy his/her first hours on Nightwar. I think you guys are demanding too much too soon.

  • Great job on the redesign of the fishing mini-game. I’m not sure but it looks like compensation from the Butcher has also been toned down a bit: if that’s the case, that’s a great solution.
    It saddens me when I read about people just ruining the game for themselves grinding for coins and perk books.

  • I like the bigger and better UI, but I’d like to see even bigger ability buttons. I still can’t figure out what goes on in those pics: as someone who loves Madureira’s style, I’d quite enjoy to select icons big enough for me to appreciate it.

Criticism aside I’m having a blast playing it through the game again. Especially now that I’m done with Belevros’ quest :wink:
Good luck for the Switch launch. You guys have done an amazing job and deserve to get rewarded for it.

The way you got Gully’s ultimate weapon didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. If I could go back, I’d probably make Belevros sealed in the Waystation so it’s a fixed location, up on the top level, and also make it so you could get credit in your bestiary for progressing the quest or remove his first form from the bestiary entirely (it never sat well with me that people could miss that). The Deadwatch portion would remain the same since it’s a guaranteed room now. There’s a long and complicated answer as to why it ended up the way it did, but it wasn’t because we set out to make it that way to take several attempts to get. We had limited time and resources and tried to take advantages of locations and events we found fun and interesting. There was so much on our plate we had to do what was feasible.

Monika’s was one I was able to implement start to finish, planned from the start, so I’m glad that you liked it. The notes I got were to make it a scavenger hunt, so I made a little backstory to it and the lead designer set up how the fishing spot worked.

The final boss is a big step up in difficulty, but it’s balanced for the average player to have mostly max level gear and an ultimate weapon or two. If someone played every dungeon on easy and went straight to it, it’ll be difficult.

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in regards to this, it’s health was way to small. After 2 rounds of setting up,I still one shot it on NG+ and that shouldnt be a thing, at least for NG+ since it’s supposed to be the hard difficulty.

Never through my playthrough did i ever consider any DoTs since burst destroys it.

Damage done to us is on a good place though. It’s JUST health on Bosses and Bosses only.

The only issue I’m running into is the pirates are too damn strong. I’m at level 30 and their at 32 and take me out in just a few rounds. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but damn they got harder.

What I’m going to say won’t help but I don’t remember having that much problem with them.
I remember they were strong indeed but with a team well equipped you should make it without that much problem.
So in my opinion it’s just that you need a better gear.
Note: The High Captain Blothe is a lot stronger than any other pirate though

You are correct, I was fine until the patch. Not sure what happened but now they are overpowered. Maybe I do need better gear, but they are also consistently at least 2 levels higher which makes it much more difficult. Not sure why they are consistently at a higher level when they were challenging at an even level.

I don’t know if a patch had an impact on them since I defeated them all but in my souvenirs they all had a few levels above mine.