Where is Extras at?


Yes I’m very late getting my backer rewards, I get all the codes for digital download and they all point out to redeem them at the Extras under the main page, but it is no longer there… can I have the URL in the event that I became blind please?


It should be in your profile page on your battlechasers login



I’m sorry not able to find it that URL you provided me just shows the codes with a button to redeem, when I click on the button it takes me to the main page. Things like:
Battle Chasers: Explorer’s Item Pack
Battle Chasers: Deluxe Game Manual
Digital redemption code for use in-game for Battle Chasers: Nightwar.
Battle Chasers: Exclusive Portraits

all they have is “Redemption Instructions: Redeemed in-game via the Main Menu under “Extras””


It’s in the in-game menu, where you see the new game, continue, options, and below that you’ll see Extras. That’s where you enter the codes.


Found it! Many thanks!


I found the extras menu and where to insert them. Dies something happen afterward? I play on the PS4 and the keyboard went away just leaving a less bright menu screen… how do I know the codes worked in-game?


Did you ever get an answer for this ? i finally started playing and i am not sure where to get any of the kickstarter backed digital items.