When will we receive our rewards?


I agree, this book was my main expectation and it severely disappointed me. Its like an instruction manual.


Hey buddies! I don’t have my rewards yet here on spain, but if you’re dissapointed and sad with the artbook we have to start a new topic saying this, because i paid 250€ and the artbook was my best reward. If this reward sucks I’m going to complain about it. Feel my anger.


I made a topic about it. “Ultimate collector’s edition”


We are not exaggerating. The book is tiny. 5x7 I think.


Still not yet panicking but… knowing some other people already get their physical rewards (no matter their size :sweat_smile:) I tend to be a bit more anxious…
I’m waiting for some official #Airship / #BattleChasers tees for ages now.
Fingers crossed.


Since I paid for the “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” pledge ($210), I was expecting an art book to be worth about $40 (comparable to the Darksiders art books), but the Battle Chasers art book is only worth about $5.

According to Kickstarter, the expected delivery of the items was December 2016 (go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1548028600/battle-chasers-nightwar and estimated delivery is stated for each of the pledges). It’s been nearly two years later, and we’re rewarded with CHEAP art books. Nice way to treat your supporters, Airship.


Still waiting for my signed print here. Three years on since backing the project. Staying patient but that is a long time…


There was a signed print?


As a Add on:

And also at the 400$ pledge:

Note: The artbook is also signed. Those signed stuff may also differ their shipment since Joe & the Airship team have some extra work to do.


Not quite. I had the New History Edition tier (Post-Kickstarter, from the store), and my art book and print both came signed with the rest (shirt, poster, and map). The book was just signed by Joe Mad, but the Print was signed by 11 people, including Joe Mad (Presumably Joe Mad and 10 folks from the Airship Dev Team).


Not going to lie, I wasn’t impressed with the book but don’t feel ripped off either.

I never got the Darksiders Artbooks, but I can see why people who had are peeved by the ones for this game. Especially if you’re expecting more and it was supposed to be the crown of your rewards for backing. As I paid more to have other rewards, if I want a better Artbook I’ll just make one and try to get Joe Mad to sign it in the future. Honestly, having the PDF for the Artbook was more than enough for me. I didn’t need the same thing twice.


Today I received my Package “Ultimate Collectors Edition”… I feel completely ripped off. When I saw Joe Madureira do a video game about BattleChasers I wanted to contribute as much as I could. $200 I spent on their rewards including:

1 - Battle Chasers: Nightwar limited edition
2 - High-quality T-Shirt;
3 - Physical copy of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar art book
4 - Cloth map of the Lost Vale printed on authentic flour sack cloth
5 - Limited edition 11x17 print featuring the key art from Nightwar;
6 - and your name upgraded to Hall of Paladins on Battlechasers.com!

And this MOTHERFUKING SHIT is what I received:

OK, lets go in detail:

1 - Battle Chasers: Nightware Limited Edition
Limited WHAT? Where’s my limited edition? I paid 200$ and I don’t have a poor physical GAME? Limited what? WHAT??

2 - High-quality T-Shirt
No man, this is not a HIGH-QUALITY… this is a normal tshirt. Besides, I’m sure if I wear the T-shirt it will get undone with the contact on my skin. I understand this is just a photo, but the touch is very ugly. I personally wouldn’t pay more than $5 for this shirt. In addition to the promotional image of KS, the shirt was white with the logo of Battlechasers in Orange (the original logo, not this shit)

3 - Physical copy of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar art book
This shit is the “artbook” they promised us. A “Artbook” compared to the currency of my country, the EURO. See how ridiculous the book looks? At the zoo in my city I am given a larger book and many more pages just to visit the zoo. FREE. NO COMMENTS.

4 - Cloth map of the Lost Vale printed on authentic flour sack cloth
Look at this, man! This is not a dishcloth I bought in a pack of 6 rags for $2 No. This is the so-called Battlechasers map in flour sack fabric. I could clean my windows with him and I’m not sure they’re too clean.

**5 - Limited edition 11x17 print featuring the key art from Nightwar; **
This so-called Limited edition brought a poster. Well, this poster is the same image that came out in 2016 and that everyone has seen, and you can find in FULL HD anywhere on the Internet (I myself had that image as wallpaper on my PC) and in any store you can print for less than $2. This is absurd.

JOE MADUREIRA AND AIRSHIP, YOU SUCK. You suck a lot. I was a really fan of JOE, i’ve 32 years old and i meet the art of Joe when i’ve 15. You was one of my favourites artist, but now, you betrayed me… me and lot of people that we trusted you. I’M REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THIS SHIT.

I hope an apology on your part and wou will solve all this, but I will send this scam to all web pages of video games to see what kind of shit company is AIRSHIP and how it treats their “backers”. Kotaku, Gamasutra among others. And do not worry, I have taken screenshot of all messages if you decide to delete them. Greetings.