When will we receive our rewards?


Someone of Spain have his rewards yet?


Spain isnt that far away from France and I haven’t received anything yet :wink:


Did anyone that received their packages receive shipping notifications first?
What delivery service was used?


No notification here but I received my package today (tshirt, cloth map, print, signed art book and poster). I live near Paris, France.The delivery service is US Postal Service.


Never received that email from tinyfish. Just had the package randomly show up here in little ol’ Alabama. I wasn’t even expecting it.

Like daveCFPrez, I never got the sketch. Do you happen to have any information on that or the unreleased comics? I know back in April there was a post showing a lot of sketches, and I’m sure Joe Mad’s having to at least rest his drawing hand from the number of people getting sketches along with him getting back into the comics covers-wise (ie: Batman #50 3 cover connecting variants, among other variants by him on J. Scott Campbell’s store). But having some new info would help me patiently wait longer. lol


I hope I will get mine soon then… since I live near Paris too…
Waiting is so hard! :sleeping:


Hi ! I just received the package ( california) but like others mentioned, there was no sketch in it. ( I had the mini sketchy edition) Is it something normal ?


No package yet here either.


Yes it’s normal, Joe said it would be shipped separately :wink:

Hey KS Backers, physical rewards have begun shipping, so keep an eye out! Please note: Sketchy rewards will be shipped separately and will not be included in the standard packaging, so don’t worry–they didn’t go missing!! Thanks!


I’m panicking. I haven’t gotten an email or a package. :sob:


I’m just like you… but I’m not panicking yet :wink:


I received my rewards in the mail today. All items were accounted for and in great condition.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting your art book, prepare to be underwhelmed. The “book” is tiny maybe 5X8, (I mean, I didn’t put a ruler up to it or anything.) and super thin.

I know Airship never specified the books dimensions, at least to my knowledge, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. I have the art books for both Darksiders games, and they are stellar! I was hoping this book would be on par with those. I feel like a standard has been set, and this “book” falls way below that.

I committed to this tier solely for the art book.

I really enjoyed the game.


that sucks. I only backed the campaign to get the artbook. I havent even played the game yet, because I dont have a system. Ugh,


Was the art book inside a bag? I didn’t see one when I looked quickly


I don’t think it was in a bag. It’s possible you missed it if you just glanced. [quote=“ttyler, post:54, topic:2273”]


At this point I just hope comics 10,11,12 actually get done. Been waiting like 15 plus years lol


I completely agree with Bretzky2. I supported this mainly for the art book, thinking that it was going to be comparable to the Darksiders art books. Unfortunately, the Battle Chasers art book is comparable to a comic book, only smaller (7"x5"). I paid $210, but I feel like I got $30 worth of stuff. (Note: I didn’t claim my digital game because I don’t have a PS4, etc.; I just wanted a nice art book.)


Mine was wrapped inside the map, easily overlooked because of it’s size (sad)


Right there with you, buddy. lol

Also, mine was under the map not in it.

Note: for Joe Mad and the Airship folks, please package a little better. The packaging wasn’t terrible, but it doesn’t account for the package smashers of the USPS. Luckily they weren’t so rough with my package. I had to press my Art Book for a little while and press my poster and print (print was bent some, the poster was just curled up from the extra packing) for a little longer. The cardboard backing for the print was bent some with the print right on it. My press isn’t fancy, just two DC Gallery Books (Superman/Batman: Michael Turner and Batman - The Dark Knight Returns: Frank Miller) and three college textbooks. lol


Are people ok with this art book? It’s complete crap. I’ve gotten better art books for free with DS games. For over $200 I was expecting, at least comic size (but really expected larger) format. The rest of the stuff in the box was average at best, the art book was supposed to be the shining star here and it will get completely lost on the bookshelf. Please can we get a response on this? Making Joe Mad’s art the size of postage stamps should be punishable by death.