When will we receive our rewards?


Hey all! We are boxing up and sending all of the signed goods to Tiny Fish (distributor we are working with) today. Everything should be shipping soon! Thanks for all of your patience <3


I need the scans of all the sketches!!! :sob:


I’m still interested in my physical stuff too. Guess it’s hard to keep up with getting everything printed and keeping organized.


@Airship-Steve that’s the signed goods, does this include the shirts, map, and artbook?


Guesstimate of “soon?”



Thanks @Ulkhror. Does that mean we are waiting even longer for the stuff that isn’t signed? Sorry to sound whiny but I put half a paycheck towards this kickstarter, and for me that’s a lot. I just want to know when I’m getting my stuff.


Arranging the printer? You guys haven’t even released the digital art compendium yet. Maybe you should do that before worrying about a printer?


I deleted my answer because I thought it wasn’t fully relevent with your question.
To be honest I don’t know… but I don’t think the mention “signed” in the message from @Airship-Steve was to reduce the scope of the goods that will ship soon. I tend to think the scope is the full scope: all the rewards.
But that’s only my thoughts.
Anyway, I’m excited by that goods as I was the first day and even if the wait is long.
They are coming, I’m not worried :wink:


@tortillalady You don’t have to wait longer for things that aren’t signed. I just meant that as the last batch of stuff that we had sent out to Tinyfish :slight_smile: We are hoping next week or the week after


Thank you @Airship-Steve! Will we be receiving notice when our items have shipped?


Yeah, you should receive an email from Tinyfish when your shipment is sent out


@Airship-Steve great! That’s wonderful news. Thank you! :smile: