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When will we receive our rewards?

Sure the people who are waiting on the art will want something special, however to the rest of us it seems that they are more than capable of producing an artbook for DS3 and getting that ready for people to buy, and not prioritize the 3year overdue artbook we have already paid for. I guess for me that just shows that they only care about the $$$ and not the fans._

There is a ‘Report this project to Kickstarter’ button at the bottom of the Kickstarter page should people feel it necessary to flag this project given the concerns of rewards, and the quality/time taken.

Answer from Joe today to a backer:

I’ve still yet to receive any physical rewards as well, I’ve got to think twice now anytime I decide to back something on Kickstarter. I am so disappointed.

I’ve received everything that I backed (Ultimate Collector’s Edition) and considering that there are other Kickstarter projects that I’ve donated to WAYYYYYYY before Battle Chasers: Nightwar, I feel as though I’ve gotten my end of the bargain.

I had sent an email to Airship asking for more updates and better communication on Wednesday.

Good news though, yesterday an email came with a tracking number. :smiley: This is a much bigger improvement from the last shipment.

This is probably just for the Art Books though, still zilch and buptkis on the sketch and the Issue #10… Still no reply from Airship themselves though.

The package came in today! I received the new art book, instruction manual, and 3 stickers (Gully, Enchantress, and Garrison).


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I received my rewards today :smiley: thank you so much :smiley: definitely worth the wait :smiley:

did you get an original sketch?

nope sorry i did only back the ultimate collector

My only physical reward was the “sack cloth”-map but that still is nowhere to be seen.

Not yet. Still waiting on it…

Guys, same here i’m still waiting on the shipping to arrive, i received the mail 15th of May '19… Do you know what’s happening ?

Still waiting…
I’m feeling scammed… and angry…

Well… at least I’ve received the sketch! :


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Great. Have you received all your rewards now?

No still nothing. I’m in contact with Kendra@Airship. Wait and see. :wink:

I emailed Kendra, have you gotten a response from her? I havent gotten any reply emails yet, i messaged her on the 26th of last month.

Yes, here it is:

I have your account updated with the correct rewards and we will work on putting those together.

Our goal is to have all rewards shipped out by December 31st.



Received that this week.

Emailed her again last week and still no response.

All i got is that add-on print, i kinda feel like the people who just got add-ons were forgotten over the other rewards.