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We're re-printing the art book!


Here is an officially update from Airship.
You will have to wait again guys but now you can relax :wink:


We’ve heard the feedback regarding the art book and agree: we need to improve it.

We are working on this now, evaluating options for making it bigger overall. It won’t be a lightning fast process, but we are going to take care of it. As we nail down some of the logistics we’ll post another update.

But yes, a bigger and better art book is coming, we promise. Thank you for the support!



I notice that some people are getting excited about a new art book. If you’re expecting a decent, legitimate art book (i.e., 100+ pages) then you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Don’t be fooled - the improvements will be MINIMAL. Airship is asking for a quote to enlarge the current 30-page art book to 8"x11" (most likely with NO additional art work). Based on how slow they were at producing the tiny, 30-page art book, adding a few pages to the new art book would probably take them months/years; therefore it’s unlikely that they’re planning to add more pages. However, they might add a few more pages if there’s enough pressure from backers, but they’ll do the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM to improve the art book.

Keep in mind that Airship’s main goal was to make the physical rewards as cheap as possible, which allowed them to keep their costs down and their pocket fatter with our money. The cheap, tiny art book was NOT a mistake. Look at how cheap the other items were (t-shirt, poster, wash rag map); Airship is CHEAP! The only reason they’re fulfilling the rewards is because they have to fulfill their Kickstarter obligations. Since they’re not required to reprint a new art book, we’ll be lucky if we ever receive them.


Well, they released a solid product in the game itself. I have to take that into consideration. Minus glitches and such, which I did not suffer from, the game was solid. That was their main goal. It paid off. I couldn’t put it down. But you are right about the extras. It took forever, which can happen in a Kickstarter game (as I’m suffering the wait for Bloodstained’s release now pushed to 2019, but again, they released a teaser 8-bit game for free which they owned up to). I think because Joe Mad was attached to this game, and fans rejoiced at an Artbook release, we immediately thought it would be in the same style of the Darksiders Artbooks by UDON, especially for the $200+ Tier. But we have to admit, they never said that. We assumed. Most people complaining are those that have never supported a Kickstarter. Kickstarters are based on “support” first and “rewards” second. Just like any IndieGoGo campaign and so on. Those that donated $1000+ are not getting a $1000 worth of rewards but the luxury of being a part of the game making experience. Those that are getting original works by Joe Mad at level $500+ are getting a deal as most of his work goes for $500+. Just saying. Not taking up for them but I am trying to level out the reality in all of this.


I am going to have to respectfully disagree. I have backed several kickstarters and none of them had the lack of updates on rewards this one did. It taking long annoyed me, but I hoped for good rewards and tried to be patient. I wanted my shirt to proudly wear to cons and, when I was finally able to, was told by a friend that it looked liked they had just thrown it together. I agree as well. I work with my artist brother. This is someone who has screenprinted his own shirts and sold them. He knows the process and we were horribly disappointed, not only on the quality of the shirt used, but in the lack of color on the logo and design. The logo is known for having orange in it, instead it looks like a damn photocopy. My brother gets his art printed on “metallic” paper for conventions. I know how much that costs and the print I received was worth less than the tube it came in. It was dull and looked to be printed on photocopy paper. That broke my heart. I wanted something to proudly frame, not this. I won’t comment on the artbook, except to say the one I got with Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, which was a mail in one, many many years ago, was so so much better (so was the poster sized poster). One positive thing was that I loved the map. It was exactly what I expected and the screenprinting done on it was very nice. That was the only reward I can say I’m happy with, so far. Although, I STILL have not received my add on t-shirt.


If I wanted to support the game, then I would’ve only paid $25 for the digital copy on Kickstarter. I paid $210 for the Ultimate Collectors Edition, because it was implied that the “Ultimate” rewards were going to be good, high quality items, but all of the physical rewards are cheap, low quality items. For the $185 price difference ($210-$25 = $185), Airship could have (and SHOULD have) produced better rewards.

For my $210, all I wanted was a decent art book, but Airship failed miserably - not just with the art book but with all physical rewards. And to make things worse, they took nearly two years to send out the physical rewards.


Totally agree with that


Either or, here’s to hoping the Artbook is bigger and thicker than we have received so far. To give them some credit, they have met a majority of their commitments (not sure about Joe’s original art sketches) even though it has taken years, so them saying they are going for a new goal for the Artbook is promising even though we may have been waiting. Most Kickstarters do as most KS’s are run by small inexperienced teams when it comes to the business side of things. (Lots are creative types) I just hope that everyone in this thread, and other threads, get the Artbook they have wanted from the beginning.


I appreciate the remake of the art book. I’m sure there is a ton of good art to put in that book. When I pay $80 - $100 for WoW Collector’s Editions there is always a nice size art book and it’s hard back. That’s what I was expecting for the backer book. Thank you to others for speaking up.


I received yesterday the collector’s edition from Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire…and wow, that was a really nice edition worth every euro I paid for. The hardcover book is amazing and the statue is wonderful. And you know what? It was almost 120 euros cheaper than the Nightwar one. I felt happy when I opened and unboxed it, the complete opposite reaction to the NIghtwar one.

Learn from your mistakes and make that artbook big and good, with tons of new pages filled with hundreds of sketches and drawings. You know you can do it, hardcover books with more than 300 pages can be bought for 25 - 30 euros, so don´t be greedy and solve this embarrasing mistake you made.


Anymore updates on this?


An update would be appreciated. On Kickstarter preferably.


some news about? C’MON, 31/12/2018


There was indeed, two weeks ago!


Any news for an actual current update from those over at Airship Syndicate regarding the still left open none delivery of all the rewards for those of us Ultimate Collectors Edition-backers and higher?
Even I, who was among the most patient ones, am beginning to slowly ponder about filing for a full payback request if this does not get any traction soon!
Starting to have enough of this crappy service.


Just read the update on the Kickstarter page from December 12th.

Love the direction you guys went with the new book. More pages than just going with bigger ones, adding the Compendium, and some “Sorry for the wait” Goodies.

While it may not make all the folks that were hardcore about the Art Book being like the Darksiders ones happy, it’s definitely a step in the right direction!


It’s more than a step forward for me to be honest since there has never any specs revealed about the book during the Kickstarter campaign so it’s awesome! (Plus the added goodies :wink:).
Now, just like everybody, I’m still waiting to get it in hands… with everything else :sleeping:


I agree. No offense to Airship Syndicate, but speed hasn’t been their forte with this project when it comes to the rewards. While seeing the new book is great, getting in hand is greater. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my sketch and physical copy of Issue #10


There hasn’t been any updates I missed on Kickstarter since the Artbook announcement, right? Just wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally delete an update by mistake. I did update my shipping address as instructed, so just… waiting patiently like everyone else who opted for the Artbook and other physical goodies lol.


I’m also curious now what is taking so long. We’ve seen the revamped book, but it’s been since September 2018 when I last checked. It shouldn’t take 5 months to print a book if the layout was completed unless the printing companies are that backed up…


Has anyone received their backer awards yet ? Also, anything we can do to get some news on this situation ? I feel like these guys deserve some bad press from the way they treated their backers