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We're re-printing the art book!

An update would be appreciated. On Kickstarter preferably.

some news about? C’MON, 31/12/2018

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There was indeed, two weeks ago!

Any news for an actual current update from those over at Airship Syndicate regarding the still left open none delivery of all the rewards for those of us Ultimate Collectors Edition-backers and higher?
Even I, who was among the most patient ones, am beginning to slowly ponder about filing for a full payback request if this does not get any traction soon!
Starting to have enough of this crappy service.

Just read the update on the Kickstarter page from December 12th.

Love the direction you guys went with the new book. More pages than just going with bigger ones, adding the Compendium, and some “Sorry for the wait” Goodies.

While it may not make all the folks that were hardcore about the Art Book being like the Darksiders ones happy, it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

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It’s more than a step forward for me to be honest since there has never any specs revealed about the book during the Kickstarter campaign so it’s awesome! (Plus the added goodies :wink:).
Now, just like everybody, I’m still waiting to get it in hands… with everything else :sleeping:

I agree. No offense to Airship Syndicate, but speed hasn’t been their forte with this project when it comes to the rewards. While seeing the new book is great, getting in hand is greater. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my sketch and physical copy of Issue #10

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There hasn’t been any updates I missed on Kickstarter since the Artbook announcement, right? Just wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally delete an update by mistake. I did update my shipping address as instructed, so just… waiting patiently like everyone else who opted for the Artbook and other physical goodies lol.

I’m also curious now what is taking so long. We’ve seen the revamped book, but it’s been since September 2018 when I last checked. It shouldn’t take 5 months to print a book if the layout was completed unless the printing companies are that backed up…

Has anyone received their backer awards yet ? Also, anything we can do to get some news on this situation ? I feel like these guys deserve some bad press from the way they treated their backers

This is the last Kickstarter communication 22days ago…

Hey guys!

Our physical rewards, not including the sketches, were picked up on Feb 12 and expected to arrive at Tiny Fish (our distributor) in 12-14 days, where it will process and begin to ship.

Appreciate your patience as we get this final stretch of rewards to you awesome people. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support (at)

That’s weird. I didnt get any notification there was an update on the kickstarter.

@northstar76 just logged into my Kickstarter and the last official update I have is from December. This update was done as a reply and doesn’t make me feel confident that it’s the truth. I’m just damn disappointed with this whole mess. :disappointed:

Does anyone know when those re-printed books will be shipped?

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I received the new art book, instruction manual, and 3 stickers (Gully, Enchantress, and Garrison) today, after having been emailed last week about it.


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Good to see people getting something finally. Are people getting the rest of the physical rewards like the t-shirt, map etc? Kinda crap they’re skimping of the ‘sorry for the years overdue’ reward of sending only 3x stickers compared to the full dozen they promised.

Dec 2018 update;
“But keep waiting, there’s MORE more.
Also included will be a pack of a dozen super-cool Battle Chasers: Nightwar stickers.”

I had already received my map, shirt, and prints last year.

Has anyone else received their updated art books yet? I have yet to receive an email notification regarding when mine would ship out (I backed the tier that includes the art book, map, T-Shirt, nothing yet. Address is up-to-date for safety).

Who should I get in contact with in regards to concerns about this? It’s been way over a year, starting to be concerned.

Yes, I’ve received mine. I would contact a
Airship’s customer support or TinyFish’s as they are the shipping service. Oddly enough I had contacted Airship and not a few days later received an email about the shipment, before Airship even got back to me on my email.

Are the people who sprung for the digital artbook going to get a pdf of the updated artbook?

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