We'd like some update about the backers' physical rewards - one of the worst experience ever


Hello Airship crew.
First: Happy New Year for everyone!
Second: Congrats on the game. It’s amazing.
And the question: The last update about Physical Rewards was on 23rd October. So we are now in 2018 and we’d like to know when will we receive our physical rewards.

Thank you


Still waiting for an update…


it’s a bit too long… I think i will never give my monney to help any game again…


I completely understand you. We’re having extreme patience with it. But sincerely, mine is ending. We spent the worth value of a console system to help on a vision of a game and we are left in the dark here.
I particularly don’t mind to wait, but at least keep us up-to-date. We feel like we don’t even deserve a simple attention when were US who made this project come to life. If weren’t for us, they would have to knock door to door of companies that see only profit instead of share the vision of the project.
I’m getting really disappointed with this overall treatment.

Today I read here in one post on the backers’ forum about the name on the credits of the game.
The first time I finished the game, I noticed that the name of the backers didn’t appear on the credits. I was upset with that too but I thought that the credit would increase disproportionately. But even so, only who gave $1000 or above who had their name on the credits.

This just shows the amount of respect that we have for had believed on this project: zero.

That’s why kajouet, I understand you. And I’m inclined to do the same: Just wait for the release of the project to purchase.

I saw projects took 10 or more years to release, or even don’t release at all. We, the backers get the onus of project. But the reward and the recognition of the effort of spending the money (like I did on this project) to support the idea, is practically zero.

This is one of the worst experience of backing a project, to be honest with all of you.


Don’t worry. Even the backers who gave thousands (I’m one of them) of dollars are in the same boat. Just trying to wait patiently. I try to remember its a small studio, and Joe Mad has historically been a busy guy. So i’d imagine his arm might be sore doing all the backer rewards.

On the other side, i feel your frustration.