Trouble with Add-Ons


I added on a shirt to my kickstarter, but didn’t get it with the rest of my reward. Did anyone else run into not receiving their add-on, or was it just me?


Here! Nothing arrived.


Have you not gotten anything? Or is just the add-ons missing.


Gotten Nothing… Sorry to not have been clear at first


Tomorrow my pack arrived.

I got the t-shirt, a poster, a little print on lucid sheet and the map.
I’ll wait for the autographed artbook now


Still have not gotten my add on shirt, or a response to my email.


I haven’t received anything yet… I’m just waiting :wink:


I’m so sorry to hear that @Ulkhror. Especially since you’ve been one of the few positive voices here. I really hope you get it soon.


:sweat_smile: It’s just a matter of time for certain :sweat_smile:


@tortillalady hey guys, please send us an email at and we’ll get you sorted!


…I have sent an e-mail. I have sent two. I sent the third now. When should I hear back?


@ulkhror have you recieved your stuff yet?


Thank you to think about me :sweat_smile:
No, I haven’t received anything yet unfortunately :sleeping:


That makes me very sad to hear. I really hope you get something soon.