Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


Thats ok :slight_smile:
Yes, I think it was like that



I should have known! I was just looking through the bestiary yesterday and saw that despite having unlocked the abilities and whatnot for that enemy, I was still missing one drop!

Thank you again, I’m off to grind this one out for completion’s sake.


In regards to belevros and the sky captains, theres a patch coming that fixes bugs involving both that make them hard or impossible to find in some cases. A lot of balance/bug fixes coming too! You can see details here or even opt into the experimental branch to get a look at it early! Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)


Killed 20 Blade Elementals and this Item still hasn’t dropped for me yet,

just like the pirates, over 50 pirate ships killed after I’ve finished the game and just hunting pirates for completion but the 2 Captains haven’t spawned for me yet.

EDIT Update

after 2 more dungeon tries I finally got the Scroll

Now just the Pirate Captains


Hello, hello! I tried the search and didnt read all the comments here, so im sorry of this has been asked before.

On my journey i came across 2 treasure chests where you have to choose between runes and i happend to choose the wrong ones both times…i guess, cause it said it can never be touched again (or something) and it never opened. How do i choose the right rune? I think there were 3 runes to choose.

Thanks for the help!


if it’s the one I think it is you should see the correct rune a bit up the wall just as you enter the room.


Ok, thanks! i saw a rune up somewhere the 2nd time but after i tried to open the chest, doh


Now for the Death Knight Loot

anyone knows what the Death Knight loot is?


Just in case you still haven’t got it -

Death Knight loot consists of Strips of Northwind Hide, Void Silk Cloth and Flickering Void Silk


Wait what? Ive only fought the hard Belevros, (i let him out of iron outpost then fought him in deadwatch) how do i go back and fight shade of Belevros for bestiary on ng+


You need to refuse him and he will get angry and attack you.
But once you free him he will nor return to the Iron outpost(But he will be there again in NG+). So you need to first refuse him and then find him again and free him.


You can also encounter him in the endless arena if you need him for your bestiary


Oh? you put him in the arena in the new update?


He’s always been available there. (each wave is picked from random assortment of enemies, but hes on the list)


Weird i must have gotten him before patch, i thought i refused him the first time, but there was no fight… I got it now, but wondering what went wrong the first time… Maybe i hit “leave” rather than refused in dialogue…