Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


How does the last hunt Killington work? I’ve gotten his top hop and 3 canes now and I’m not sure what all I’m missing to trigger him?


i think you need the monocle to trigger him.


Ah thanks! Totally missed the monocle some how.


How do I stop Doom and curse in arena? Its ridiculous I use calibretto rain spell but I feels like its all for nothing. Is there a mechanic I’m missing? I just beat the tier 16 and the game crashes as soon as I leave and no auto save.


Not sure if this has been posted, but there’s a busted War Golem in Manarifts that will upgrade armor and accessories for Infused Shards. It’s unlimited use (assuming you have the shards). It costs 10 per piece of armor, and 3 per accessory. Apparently accessories can only go to Epic (Purple), but this will let you upgrade Armor to Legendary (Orange).

Also, had a random Legendary drop ring called “The Abyssal Loop” in Manarifts, so I would wager there are more to be found. Too bad that’s the end of the game and it really isn’t all that useful to have by that point).

Finally, there’s a mirror in Manarifts that has you make choices as a Loremaster during a fire to save as much of the lore as possible. The best combo seems to be : Adjucation (Lower Acolyte Rulings), Antiquary (Scrolls), Lecture Hall (no choice here), then Cabalism (Around the pillar, Take the tomes). I got a bunch of items, but 7 Infused Shards were the biggie here.


Does somebody know if there is a difficult encounter hidden somewhere?
I just finished the game and I killed the final boss with one level 3 burst in the first round.


Sadly if you’ve crafted Legendary items, the game is somewhat broken. The “end-game” stuff is all way too easy. There are some unique encounters (Pirate Captain, Ancient Treasure Fiend, etc) but you’ll do the same to them as you did to the final boss. Supposedly NG+ will be harder.


ng+ isn’t really harder… game need at least another difficulty layer.


In my experience NG+ was even easier, mostly because I had so many perks available… I was doing some “impossible” dungeons with a deficit of 3 to 4 levels compared to the dungeon mobs and still wasnt too hard.


any tips for fighting the Stonegrove war golem? lost count of how many times I’ve tried and the damn thing continues to beat me without breaking a sweat


“Path of Fangs…Second Guy - gives you the Prisoner’s Map, which talks about a path west of Path of Fangs to a treasure. Was unable to locate thus far.”

It’s located near the western shore, at the dead end road just west of the abandoned cabin (which is itself west of the road leading to Balefire Cavern, if that’s any help). If an enemy is at the dead end, defeat it and then the option should appear to dig up the treasure.


Try hitting him with your regular moves(To save MP) until he has half his HP and starts his special move that kills your party.
Then use all the big moves you saved for him like the bursts(Red M’s 2nd burst is my favorite for this followed by the ambush move) and high MP costing moves.
And use buffers before the fight, like the food from the inn.

This was me when I took him on for the first time…barely made it lol


Hiya, so is there a completed fishiary somewhere?

I have everything else done, but I seem to be missing a few fish, most notable among them is the book-looking item at the top, along with the bottom few, though I have two of them. I’m also missing one or two elsewhere.

Can you fish up any of them anywhere, or are there specific places?

Also, the last mystery of the game I think - the Rusty Red Sword. This item never really popped up for me again as usable somewhere, didn’t convert into a mighty weapon of some kind, and isn’t sellable or even upgradable by the cube. So I assumed it would be a plot piece or a particularly strong side-quest upgrade.


But it is upgradable to a level 25 Sword…


I like how instead of maybe adding some detail, you just end with an ellipsis. Classy.


I don’t remember what triggers it to be optioned for a build.


I was missing two fish and the book at the end of the game and got them all in the four spots near the Fishmonger. I got a ton of other fish when going for them, likely every rare and epic one in the game, so I don’t think you’d need to go anywhere else. You’ll have to sleep at Harm’s Way to refresh the spots.


Thank you, sorry for being snappy about that.

I 100% missed this, but I didn’t encounter the nature forge thing (the blacksmith table that has some low level restoration enchants for armor/weapon) until I was just re-running lower dungeons for bestiary.

I’m guessing you find something in Strongmont or Deadwatch.


Oh I remembered.
You get the way to build this as a loot from a sword crystal thingy from the dungeon after Deadwatch


Interesting. I wonder if I have that item and neglected to look at it or something.

Thanks again for explaining. My apologies for being rude.

Do you recall - was it just a usable item like normal recipes?