Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


do you know how and when you found them?


Outlaws mostly found near iron outpost the 2 other lieutenant and behemoth found near junktown
Fought behemoth after killing all 3 lieutenant, might be a pre-requisite.
Captain found above the lake just next to the destroyed village after killing all the other airship
many more lieutenant airship have spawn since but never had another behemoth or captain spawn

captain and behemoth both dropped loot chest.


ahhh thanks for the heads up. i’ll keep a sharp eye to the skies.


i’m having no luck with the airship pirates or the shade of belevros. I’ve done the iron outpost 5 times with no luck and have wandered the map hoping to run into the airship pirates. it only happened once and i’m not sure what triggered it.


You won’t see the shade anymore if you’ve freed him.

The Airships always spawns after a Dungeon run just search the Map they are usually seen Near the Iron Outpost, The Area at the Beginning, Junktown Area, Fishmonger Area.

The Behemoth and Captain only spawns once I think since I’m not encountering them again and I got over 100 hours already.


yeah i never freed him, i haven’t even encountered the room he shows up in.


Same with me and I have done the Iron Outpost more then 15 times by now. I have 70 hours of play by now.

I did notice that every time I finished the Iron Outpost I have encountered a pirate ship 2~3 minutes after(not necessarily near the Iron outpost itself)

I have killed more then 20 pirate ships but the Behemoth and the Captain appeared only once.


Does anyone know if there is something to do in this area of The Dig?


Is there a particular difficulty setting or anything that it won’t appear on?

I just ran Iron Outpost like 5 times on legendary and the sarcophagus never came back, so I tried normal and it didn’t show up that run either, but I have the bestiary entry for him, so I know I didn’t just let him out, I fought him.


With a stroke of luck I finally found and fought the Shade of Belevros. I went through the Iron Outpost 7 times (6 were legendary). I’m not sure if the Dev’s could put something in the game to make it happen once out of 5 times or something because grinding for it with level 15 characters was a bit of a hassle. Maybe there is some other factor at play.

I was also able to finally fight the rest of the sky pirates and the Behemoth, still no Captain, yet. Not sure if this triggered it but I found a treasure map from the path of the fang and then 3 airships showed up. So maybe treasure maps trigger their appearance? Hopefully other players will shed more light on this.


Haha! Just in time! After finishing the Iron Outpost more then 20 times on legendary I finally found and fought the Shade of Belevros.
Now I just need to find him again and release him…@$^#^&

Anyone found Gully and Calibretto's ultimate weapons yet?

Jumping in to let everyone know that I won’t be able to keep updating this thread.

Please everyone feel free to use the info gathered thus far for any wiki or sticky content you see fit, and thanks for your many contributions! <3


Man, I thought my damn game was bugged. I ended up running this place a grand total of 30 times before I saw the Shade a second time (well, the sarcophagus) and this time I properly let him free.

Going to uh, re-explore the later parts of the game to find him.


Me too. For the first time it was 24 times and to find him again it was 13…this guy has a really low low low probability of appearing.

I did learn something from all of this:

  1. Whenever you finish the Iron Outpost and you immediately look left on the map, a pirate ship will always be on the way to fight you.
  2. The pirates will have the highest level that one of your team mates has so if you take a team of 17 levels(The B team) and you got a team with some 23 levels(from your A team :slight_smile: ), the pirates will beat the s%#t out of you…:sweat_smile:


OK, finally found and killed Belevros with my B team(My lower level characters)


I’d like to clarify two things if possible.

  1. I found Belevros in Iron Outpost and killed it. Now it has gone to Deadwatch and I need to kill it again to get the Dragon Scales?

  2. I have killed a dozen or so ships, and have logged kills with five unique pirates (Sky Lieutenants Outlaw, Bruiser, and Shaman and Sky Captains Flintlocke and Shanker). Is there one more Sky Captain? How does the Pirate Captain spawn, or is it random just like the LTs and Capts?



You need to find him again at the Iron Outpost and this time free him. After that he will randomly spawn at Deadwatch and if you choose to fight and kill him you will get the Dragon Scale as a loot.

Not sure about the pirates. I think that its all random for who you will fight but I think it has something to do with where on the map you fight them too.
As far as I know there in no other Captain besides “Sky Captain Flintlocke”. You are only missing “The Behemoth”


Thanks for clarifying Bevelros. I’ll take another run at that tonight. I was confused because some people seemed to think you could miss out on the bestiary entry if you freed it the first time, so I wanted to make sure I fought it, but then I couldn’t find it at Deadwatch.

As for the pirates, I have fought Behemoth, and there is indeed at least a second Captain (Captain Shanker) if not a third (there is an empty space in the bestiary where one might fit). However, there is a “boss” of the pirates simply called Pirate Captain, according to the game’s achievements. He may bring a friend with him who fits that bestiary spot as well.

That’s who I’m most unclear on how to spawn.


If you don’t fight him at the beginning before freeing him then you will miss him on the bestiary because the first fight is against his shade and the second one is him at full power. It is 2 different entries at the bestiary.

Good to know. Then I need to find this other captains as well. Thanks for the info.


Ahhh, didn’t realize it was two bestiary entries, that makes more sense.

And yeah, I’ve been killing all the pirates any time I complete a dungeon but no luck with the boss showing up. I should be completing the game tonight (need to do Mana Rifts and the final boss) so I’ll have a better idea of how many bestiary entries are missing at that point.

I remember seeing a lewd caricature of Red Monika in Junktown, I wonder if having her in your party and looking at it doesn’t anything.