Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


The well at the eastern exit of Harm’s Way can be used to “feel refreshed.” Probably after one has been down in the sewers and repaired the pump.
Don’t know what feeling refreshed does.

I have now managed to defeat a few sky pirate lieutenants. Defeating three unlocks the “Air Superiority” Beast Perk.


@newy after feeling refreshed did you have a buff on you for a few combats?


I would have to check, did not pay attention to any buffs after drinking from the well.
First thing I did when I first saw the interactive well, I check my HP/mana but saw no change there hence “Don’t know what feeling refreshed does.”

EDIT: The well is working as intended if it means we receive a random buff.


I saw my first airship at after my first or second run through of Iron Outpost at level 7 the bosses were level 7 as well but i was not prepared for it and they pawned me


Original post updated with latest information.


Iron Outpost

Can’t recall all details since it was right at the very beginning of the beta.
You can encounter a tomb (they reused the tomb assets for the final room :wink: ), I found it during my second run through the dungeon I believe. You can interact with the coffin. I think the person inside asks you to let him out, you can decide whether to let him out or not. My guess is that he comes out either way (I think I decided to leave him in the coffin). Anyway, it’s a skeleton.

After reading the description again, I got the idea that if you let him out willingly maybe the mob you’d encounter would not be the shade but Belevros himself.
I have yet to encounter this tomb again, but maybe it’s a one-time thing :frowning:

The three blue torches can also be found in PoF.


@newy you can find the tomb again. Its not a one time thing :wink:


Iron Outpost

You enter an area with an alchemy bench, several journal entries, a pile of bones and a tree trunk. From the pile of bones you get a femur, skull and a third bone (forgot what it was), from the tree you get petals, leaves and fruits. The journals give you hints what to use at the bench to concoct a special potion.
What I got so far:


Are you sure?

I met this event once and didn’t have the fight (I think I chose to let him out)…
Afterwards, when I meet again this event, it’s either no action possible or this message:


If you kill him, his soul will keep returning to that spot if you find the event again, but If you let him out, you wont be able to fight him there anymore… :wink:


Do you mean that I cannot encounter this monster anymore and so on, I have to start again the game if I want a full bestiary?


Or NG+, not a good alternative to a restart but definitely better.


Yeah it should be. I just hope that we don’t need a full Bestiary to unlock a end-game weapon/armor…

I really hate missables which are the cancer of RPG… Because I generally don’t have so much time to do one game twice… If there are too much missables I take a walkthrough which is a fun killer and I don’t want to do it for this game…

I hope devs change their mind about that because nothing is worst to be at the end-game to discover that you miss one entry in the Bestiary…


I think he is hinting that you cant fight that monster there anymore but it will appear somewhere else in the future because you released it.

His description even says "rose before he was at his full might"
I believe that he will appear again but he will be hard to kill and will give you great loot after death.
The only thing I don’t know is if he will be on the same entry at the Bestiary so we can complete it…I agree with you, missables truly are the cancer of RPG.


Kudos on the summary dude. I ran into every single one of these secrets but could never think of organizing them into a list. Good job!


PoF (possibly The Dig as well)

An injured Lycelot hiding in the shadows. You can either help him or kill him, helping rewards a treasure map. Haven’t tried killing him yet.


Just found this!


At the Iron outpost:

A gold fish in a fountain giving a riddle and if you answer right he opens the locked door that has a treasure chest behind it.

3 doors with 3 treasures. seams too good to be true, It’s a trap!!! 2 of them are Treasure Elemental. In my case the upper left one was the treasure. If you don’t want to fight the Treasure Elemental you can immediately run and close the cell behind you and by that locking them inside all frustrated like.
There is some kind of riddle to figuring this out but I didn’t get it…


has anyone kill all 3 airship pirates? wasn’t sure if they would all show up in the beta.


found 5 different one :wink: