Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


When you talk to Welt, he asks you to find mana infused ore (which can only be found in the Dig). If you turn in enough of them, he finishes his pickaxe and teaches you how to refine the ore into ingots, and some recipes that use them. He gives you 100g for each ore you bring him until he finishes his pickaxe (i think that is what he was referring to)

@Crux We have a fix for the vessel of war bug. It should be returnable to the dungeon you found it in (doesnt have to be the same difficulty)


Thanks, updated above! I completely misread the entire conversation with him… :smiley:


Wow… I haven’t even seen half this stuff yet. Not the storytellers or the convicts… Are these in the normal or legendary versions of the dungeon? Or the intermediary level?

No loose airships, treasuremaps or wandering monsters either…
I was wondering where to find that fishmonger alright :smiley:

I did find another thing that is more an ‘exploit’ rather than a feature I think.
I’ll find the proper spot to drop it too but I have tested and reproduced it reliably so it should be a bug.


The Dig

There are three different torches to be lit to receive a ring (Ring of the Eternal Blue Flame), the torches differ from the usual ones by their bluish flame.

There’s a grave and nearby a journal with information. Reading reveals a hidden ring near the gravestone (Moss Covered Ring of Life)


The Dig,

random event thingy,

4 runestones in circle, clockwise activation, fire is currently active as shown when you inspect the runes, so you hit moon, then water,

rewards with random loot,

have seen it 6+ times now and order hasnt changed, so possibly no variances, also to note that for reasons unknown in this pictures instance the event spawned at an angle so couldnt see all runes properly,

all other encounters are facing forward so can see, but here it is a bit awkward

one more thing is that enchant levels are not locked to gear or character levels, you can use a level 17 enchant on level 13 gear, and still equip it, the mats are just rarer atm


Thanks, original post has been updated!


The location of the Prisoner’s Map’s treasure from the Path of Fangs dungeon is here:

Iron Outpost

There’s a book you can interact with and which asks you if you want to hear a story. First dialogue option is between simply yes or writing yes. From then on you can make several decisions and depending what you chose you get a different buff.


Meebu’s house of magic

he make you pick a Tarot card for a random boost


So, i’ve a bit of a theory: the airships start to spawn after all you chapters reached level 15, then you have to do a first run of legendary Junktown and, after that, every time you complete a legendary DNG an airship spawns (I think The Dig spawns Behemot’s airship).

Two clues led me to this: 1)The achievement for slaining ONLY 3 pirates LT. , so it has to be hard/time consuming to encounter all of them; 2)I actually encountered 3 airship only when i did 3 different DNG on legendary.


Might just be. I started seeing them after defeating all 3 hunt bosses, not sure whether or not I did legendary Junk Town before or after I did the 3 bosses.


not quite sure about them spawning about every succeful run of legendary dungeon… did at least 5 dig run on legendary on still haven’t encountered the behemot, got 4 ships so far, wtih sky LT riding them every time. :confused:


No, reaching the lvl cap is not a condition. I encountered my first airship with lvl 12/13.
I only did legendary dungeons after finishing heroic Iron Outpost. And Behemoth I encountered outside of Junktown. What kind of sky pirates one encounters might depend on the location in the overworld one is during the encounter.


I am fairly certain that in my first play through the Iron Outpost, after I re-inspected the altar/corpse of the Blade Fiend, I picked up a Rusty Iron Sword. It’s pretty bad stat-wise, but it has an odd description on how having it with you makes you hear whispers about being reunited with its master.

I’m still carrying it around with me, hoping it’ll unlock some powerful blade for Garrison.


That Rusty Sword is at the same time a key item. It was mentioned that the bandits attacked the crew where looking for it in the Iron Outpost.


As far as I can see you can’t even sell it even if you wanted to get rid of it


I encountered her in the Path of Fangs also


isn’t it because both Dig and Path of fangs share some rooms ?


Yes but in the list (first post) made by Crux it is listed as a The Dig only event, which it isn’t


Thanks for the info, moved to the corresponding section.


The only thing in this theory that I don’t know if it’s correct or not is that 1 legendary=1 pirate spawn.
I first fought the pirates immediately out side the path of fangs on hard mode(But I finished the iron outpost on legendary before that). This was when I was on level 11~12. and then I finished Junk town on hard and legendary and immediately fought pirates again(this time I was level 13), they had a Behemoth. After this I went to kill the first hunt boss(the fire one) and after that I have done the path of fangs on legendary and then junk town on legendary. Right after that I fought pirates again and then I went on to pass by the path of fangs in order to proceed with the plot but I encountered a second pirate ship, This time with two waves and the second wave had a Behemoth.

I fought and defeated the pirates 8 times already and I finished dungeons on legendary 14 times.

I encountered them 4 time between the path of fangs and junk town, 2 time near the Colosseum and 2 times near the beginning of the game at the ruins of a town between the ruins of the airship and the regular town.

If there is a pattern to encounter pirates then I don’t know what it is, but it sure seams like a possibility that 1 legendary=1 pirate spawn.