Tips and discoveries *spoiler*


Path of Fangs

A mysterious collapsed tunnel. No idea what to do with it. Gully cannot open it. Don’t think others can do anything:

I believe that it might hide a crafting station, since on the dungeon map there is a hammer symbol for that area.


To answer your questions about airship pirates, you will start seeing them after a certain point in the game, and after certain conditions are met, minibosses like that behemoth will spawn in certain areas also. and yes there are more :slight_smile:


Yep, I killed them 5 times already. They where always a little bit of a challenge.


You need the ladder for third Hunt, Slime King/King of Slime.


Awesome, I had not gotten that far yet. I was wondering what to do with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After you kill 10 enemies you will get a pendant of battle if you return the vessel. There is one at the Path of Fangs with a vessel of War and one at the Dig with a vessel of Glorious War for an upgraded pendant of battle.

You will need it for a Hunt Boss.
(Oh, it seems that “newy” answered that before me :wink:)


minibosses … the trio of “cleansing” monks are unbeatable …


Updated main thread and gave it a bit more structure, thanks everyone!
Also added Gargoyle puzzle in The Dig.

Any input on where to find or trigger those air ships or mini bosses would be greatly appreciated. Also where to find the 3rd hunt boss (will check on that with the quest giver once I find some time today to log in.)

I presume the 4th hunt boss is not yet available?


The 3ed boss is in a “Wishing well” :stuck_out_tongue: near the The southern gate and he has a lot of demands from you(money, food, wine etc…)

4th boss is not available yet


It’s IN the southern gate area, not “close to it”… ><

Ok so you need

  • 1600 gold
  • 2 food items
  • scummy grog

Still can’t find that recipe… :wink:


and you also need a ladder.


Jepp, had that one already. Added full description above, and ??? discovery on world map.


Aaaand found the recipe!! \o/

Welt’s tent, give him 100 gold 3 times and you get a whole bunch of new recipes!


HUH?! i just dig the treasure mentioned on the map


Ahh, did you have a “???” text when walking over it? Then those would be connected.


the ???'s on the map are tied to the treasure maps that you find :slight_smile:


Thank you! Clarified my misconception above!

Starts looking like a pretty decent list. :slight_smile:


for the mana infused deep iron ingot, you mention to speak to welt after the dig, i have done so but there is no option to learn/purchase or anything related to the mana infused ingot for the OEM quest?
he only has ores to sell and a lets chat about why he blocked the mine,


Yes, buy stuff from him 3 times, he’ll upgrade his pick axe or something and teach you new stuff after you gave him 300 gold total.

Also clarified above, @StoneOceans, hope it makes sense now!


@Airship-Steve, I still cannot turn in my “vessel of glorious war”, even after defeating way more than 10 enemies, and several bosses (without dying). Does it need to be done or turned in on the same difficulty you originally gathered the item, or is my vessel just bugged? :slight_smile: