Switch Version Update


They posted a small update on their Kickstarter campaign page on the 2nd.

We know for many of you who opted to wait for the optional post-campaign Switch version, this is the most hotly anticipated news. Here’s the current status.

The game has been in THQ Nordic’s QA for a few weeks now, and we did find a few tricky bugs that took time to resolve. One, for example, stopped certain cutscenes from playing 100% of the time. In another case, walking into two of the eight dungeons resulted in garbage visual data filling the screen. Both of these were completely unique to the Switch and tricky to track down. We have fixes for those, and the game is back in QA.

We’re now cautiously optimistic that with another round of testing, the game will be ready for submission. Trust us when we say that no one wants it out more than we do, but we obviously couldn’t release it with such problems occurring.

We can’t give a date, but we can say with honesty that it’s really damn close.


Thank you for your answer, I didn’t check the Kickstarter campaign page. :slight_smile:


No problem! I’m in the same boat; waiting patiently for the Switch release. :slight_smile:



Great news !! Thanks à lot !! :slight_smile:


In time for my holiday in May. Entertainment during that trip guaranteed :smiley:


Update can be found here: Console Update, Including Switch


Joe posted another update on Twitter. Sounds like we’re getting close!

Hey, #NintendoSwitch @Battle_Chasers news–if you haven’t heard, we’ve been approved. Expecting an official release date within a week or so. We will let you know the second we have it! Hang tight! Thanks for your patience. :heart:


May 15th, ladies and gents!



It’s beyond sad that they haven’t done a kickstarter update or done anything other then retweet THQ Nordic’s post. All faith in this developer is gone. I will redeem my Switch version and then make sure this developer never gets my money again. The promises and communication from this developer is beyond unprofessional especially when we were the ones who gave our hard earned money over and backed this product. I love how they said the Switch version would launch around the same time as all other versions or shortly there after…8 months bahhhhhaaaa. Where are we on physical rewards…yep no mention of that either. I would be shocked if we had them by May 15, 2019. It’s not hard to do a monthly update even if there is no information to update. Not hard for one person to create a thread and upload it. Like I said this developer is a joke and I’d be surprised if they make any other games or DLC content for this one.


They did send an update and posted here in the Tech Support forum, not even two days after the announcement…


I can’t disagree more.
This developer has done nothing but be proactive about keeping their backers up-to-date with everything they promised regarding the Kickstarter campaign. (Teething issues on some fronts but still there have been plenty of updates on this forum and other places)
The switch version was an afterthought, an additional option made available long after the Kickstarter campaign had closed, and this game was well and truly underway in it’s development process.
I’ve had my steam copy to play if I wished, and could have had Xbox or PS4 copy in addition had I wished. I opted to pick up a switch version and took that chance. Yes they were hoping for a launch at a similar time or shortly after but things happen, it’s a different platform and software to work with and a different company altogether.
Give these guys some credit where credit is due. It’s a great game with a great dedication from it’s development team to keep on top of bugs and fix things.
Yes, I’m annoyed I’ve waited so long and would love a digital copy for my switch, but things are as they are.
Get over it.


We just have different opinions on the matter. Regardless of when the development cycle starts maybe you should do some homework prior to making promises/announcements. They initially announced at e3 2017 it would launch with all platforms and then in a July/August they quickly changed that viewpoint and said hopefully shortly after. I believe it’s about 8 months on the nose. It’s more then just that though…beta was a joke, it was more like a sneak peek. I’ve done beta’s on more then a few rpg and mmorpg and they are usually 2-3 months worth of testing. They tested about for 2 weeks which since it’s smaller wouldn’t require as much time, but the tier I bought was because of beta access which I felt was a joke. My name is supposed to be on an in game list, which it isn’t even though it’s prnoised on the tier rewards. Clearly my expectation and your expectations are different and that’s fine. When you say an update is coming soon and it’s actually comes out 14+ days later that’s unacceptable in my eyes. I’ve said on other posts…even if there is no new information to give, just send a one sentence update stating that. As a consumer I backed this project and I expect them to be more consistent with information. Your right it is a great game and I did really enjoy playing it. The damage is done in my eyes, I am less forgiving I guess. My expectations of communication is just higher. Maybe it’s unrealistic but it is what it is and I’ve moved on to better titles. Hopefully they do DLC or a sequel but st this time I wouldn’t hold my breath…they still have lots of physical rewards that need to be shipped. I’ve been a Joe Mad fan since prior to the BC initial comic run and even back then he didn’t hit hard deadlines either.


So how do I select the Switch version? The option is not updated in system when I try to select the platform. Also I am trying to get it physical instead. Any info? What should I do?


Any update on shipping for folks who upgraded to a physical copy on Switch?


Yeah, what’s going on with shipping? Should we not expect to get the game on launch day?


The are fantastic at responding to questions in the community threads…NOT. I too would be curious when I can get my digital copy code for Switch since it launches in 3 days. I truly wish someone would respond to questions in these forums. I hope it’s not a, we have your money so we just don’t care anymore mentality. I don’t think it is but silence isn’t a good thing.


Ive seen some performance and loading issues on the switch version on lots of reviews, will Airship continue optimizing or is that pretty much the finished product?