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Switch Code/Physical Update


Yeah check your inventory, you should have Switch there to unlock.


Same for me. It let me choose Switch NA and allowed me to finalize everything but no code was displayed or is displayed right now.


Back out to the main menu and there’ll be a new option next to wallpapers and other bonus content


Go back to your “inventory”, it should be there.


From Canada, everything went flawlessly thanks Ryan and all Airship/THQ.


Are you all on for these? Is there some other page of which I am not aware? Is Massachusetts -GASP- no longer in North America?


Nothing shows up for me except for the Steam code (the free one? I barely remember). On my profile page, it says I had selected “Switch” on my survey, and I got the email about the Switch delay on Tuesday.


I am downloading it now. Thanks!


SUCCESS! I’m so happy to finally be downloading!


The switch button finally showed up, make sure to clear your browsers cache guys.


NA Switch code successfully received from website and worked on the Switch. It works! Thanks!


@strangelove Thankyou Thankyou. Downloading as we speak. I take all my frustration comments back. I’m so excited you cannot not imagine how little slee I’m getting tonight lol. Please let me know what needs to happen for a DLC or sequel. I’m hoping THQ Nordic partners up with you to do additional content and titles.


Hey aett, try now! Think I saw the problem


Works, thanks sir! Its an amazing game and I’m very happy to get to play it on the go now!


So relieved! Hope you enjoy it!


I’m in Australia - does that mean I should download from North America or European version?

What’s the difference?


I’m still not seeing a Switch option. Is the correct location?


Hey whysgai, I PM’d you!


An important note for peeps - if you upgraded to physical, yours will be coming in the mail! You can email for shipping info if you didn’t get an e-mail. You won’t have a digital code to select.


Did you guys already run out of NA codes? Just went to grab mine, and it’s showing as Currently Unavailable?