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Switch Code/Physical Update


There isn’t stuff to set aside, so to speak. The physical distribution chain is weird and arcane to us, but I know THQ Nordic doesn’t have a warehouse of their own where copies sit. They had to place a special order to get them manufactured by Nintendo and sent directly to them, rather than to distributors who pass through to retailers (the normal process). And a delay happened there. I don’d have direct visibility as to why. Even Amazon had a short supply apparently.

But it’s on us. We should’ve asked sooner than we did, even though the time-frame worked fine for the physical copies on other platforms.

But hang in there. You’re all a part of the same community and there’s no reason to debate with each other. You can direct all the energy at us :wink:


Your right 5 days isn’t much time when compared to the development cycle but it doesn’t make the waiting that much easier lol.


Thanks for replying. And I realize I may have come across harsher than I intended. I really was curious why this happened and was letting my frustration get the better of me. I do want you to know that I am not letting this situation diminish my appreciation for you and the entire team at Airship Syndicate. It can’t be easy to deal with this and having to admit to making a mistake. You guys learned from this, and hopefully for Battle Chasers 2 (crosses fingers), things go a lot more smoothly.

Now, if only Tiny Fish had actually used rushed delivery, I’d have no more issues. But that’s on them, not you.


I didn’t get an email from TinyFish, so would like to confirm my name was on the physical list that went out. I don’t mind waiting a few days - I’ve already waited several months. I just want to make sure it is actually coming


Thank you! Nothing will make me feel better than for everyone to have their stuff in hand.


Even the promise of codes today wasn’t enough. Let’s hope for tomm. At this point all I can do is hope, but I won’t get my hopes up too much. This was the third day of the hopes for a code. :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Ok guys, good news and bad news.

Bad news out of the way: Our EU region codes apparently won’t be active until tomorrow around noon, not sure exactly which EU time zone that is.

Good news: We finally have the codes. North American ones should be functional - we’ve tested the process on our own. The EU ones are there so they’ll be ready to use tomorrow.

However, before we go wide with the news, if you guys can, please be our testers and log into the site and try to grab your key. Let me know if you encounter any roadblocks.


You were 5 minutes too early :wink:


I’m in NA and I don’t see any switch codes?


Same. No option for switch for NA right now.


No dice on the NA codes–I’m on the Claim Game Code page that until a few days ago had a non-function Switch placeholder–and it’s just showing the five existing codes: Steam, GoG, XBox, and the two Playstation options. I’ve logged out and back in. Am I in the right place?


Oops sorry, we still had a testing block up. Removing now.


I am SO READY for this


Just a couple minutes for it to refresh. I’ll give the signal.


I hope we don’t crash the site refreshing the code page :joy:


Ok try again please!


Thanks for all the hard work to correct the problem and the passion for the game itself. Beer is on me next time you’re in Minneapolis!


Nope, still same 5 options :confused:


I had the option for Switch NA. Selected it. Checked the confirm box and hit continue. Now the option for Switch is gone and I do not have a key.

Edit: Never mind, I think it loaded to the main page as a new selection.


Worked. Redeemed and downloading now! WooWOO!!!