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Switch Code/Physical Update


i want my key ._. just my key


What time is EOD your time? (Just trying to set my own expectations)


@strangelove It’s 330pm in Austin, so I would assume the day is ending very shortly as well as our window.


I wonder if they requested the keys last minute or if Nintendo is taking their sweet time…


Sounds like the keys are coming from Nintendo US, which is PST.


So now that we know the office is it possible to get an ETA :O? Getting hyped!


So then is this at least a SURE thing for tomorrow?

I totally understand that it is out of your hands but come on KS backer should always come first, even at the risk of delaying the normal release for it.

I could literally pay for a new copy now when I actually paid for the original one a while back.


@strangelove Well that gives me some hope. I can’t imagine how stressed you guys are over this situation. The mob of anxious gamers who are ready with their torches and pitch forks waiting to storm the studio looming over your heads can’t be a good feeling lol.


I agree with your sentiment. It feels like the backers (us) who put faith in an unknown project and our hard earned money are being left out in the cold. How we get access last really sucks. I know they didn’t intend it to play out this way but at this point it would have been better to hold on to my wallet and pray this project went to completion.


Yeah, that absolutely makes sense. KS backers should definitely come first, which was the case with Steam, GoG, PS4 and Xbox One! And you’re right gartnercj77, NOT a good feeling over here. :nauseated_face: But not expecting sympathy, we know you’re owed a game.

@maaseru with the information everyone is giving me I’m confident saying you will be playing the game tomorrow.

I personally have to step away for a bit, but we have others on standby here in case the codes come through.


@strangelove You killing it in terms of being 100% transparent about everything. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work. I’ve been waiting for this for 7+ months can definitely wait a few days more.


Honestly, I’m just happy that there’s more communication happening. Mistakes were made getting the keys, sure, but so long as the info keeps flowing and we know that someone’s on it, it’s not so bad.


Only love and positivity. This is not easy.


So we can scratch today :(? Oh well one more day I guess. Have a nice one Ryan!


I emailed Jon and got my tracking and just wanted to tell both him and the team at Airship thanks. After a few months wait what’s a few more days. :slight_smile:

The last thing I’ll say in this thread is I still feel like people are misinterpreting the delays and people saying things like “backers are getting left in the cold” is really odd. When the Switch was announced this was pretty close to release so I’m still amazed they got it ported this quickly.

There are other games that have been out longer than Battle Chasers that are still working on the porting process so I’m not really getting too upset as the portability and everything on Switch is worth the wait to me.

That being said we paid to fund the game, they made a game, and I don’t feel like our funds have been misused in that regard. But I know sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you just want to play the game.

Thanks for taking the time to keep updating the thread and can’t wait to run my cartridge into dust when I get it and play the crap out of the game.


I don’t necessarily disagree with anything you said, Azuryon, but I see and feel both sides. While I realize they are just as upset as we are, it still stings.

I have a friend who reviewed the game and got his digital code weeks ago. I still get stuck on that, they got codes for press, but (seemingly, I don’t know everything) weren’t proactive with us. It hurts to see others recently learn about the game and are happily playing now. I’m glad they’re loving it, but it’s hard not to feel forgotten about.

That said, it’s a game, not life or death. I do appreciate the recent communication and can’t wait to play.


I wouldn’t say he’s been 100% transparent. He keeps ignoring my questions about why the first batch (or at least one of the earlier batches) of physical copies of the game weren’t set aside for backers? Why was our shipment was seemingly sent out at the last minute, instead of being out weeks ago, and just waiting to be shipped in order to arrive on release day. Some stores literally had inventory almost a month ago, and yet the physical copies for backers were only sent out to the shipper recently? That makes no sense.


I emailed to Jon as advised…but not looking good.image|690x417
Can @strangelove help to check on this? The is not responding. :frowning:


I get where you’re coming from I just don’t agree. I paid to get the game developed and the game got developed. -shrug-

Maybe I’m just of a different mind when it comes to these things. To me a difference of 1-5 days is a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. It’s not like they pocketed people’s money and then disappeared.

Patience is a virtue I suppose, and to me 5 days after years of excitement just doesn’t bother me. I’d go off on a tangent about the instant gratification of the internet age and all that but I’ve drug in long enough.

Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to finally play the game anywhere and look forward to future airship syndicate projects.


@Azuryon I will say this since you quoted me. I made the comment about being left out in the cold cause if you recall when the Switch version was announced at E3 last year I recall it was also announced to be a launch title. I could be wrong it’s just how I remember it lol. That summer they announced they had hit a few rough patches and it wouldn’t be a launch title but figured the delay would be short. Obviously it was not a short delay but I think there was lots of unforseeable issues that arose that Airship Syndicate did not anticipate. I will admit at times this really frustrated me but I got over it quickly. I really don’t think it’s the release delay that has people frustrated right now, it’s the fact that anyone who didn’t back the KS or purchase a tier directly from Airship Syndicate is playing the game right now in theory and a good chunk of the people who did back this game are still waiting for their physical copy or digital code. At this time I can honestly say the delay of getting it on the Switch is what it is and that doesn’t bother me that much. I will play it when I get the chance. I’m just so excited to play it, but the delay is starting to get unbearable lol. Please understand from my standpoint I felt it was getting released close to that Oct 3 release that they initially announced not May 15 and that the backers are primarily the people who are still waiting.

Let it be said I have been very critical of how things have played out since October 3, but I also have stated on multiple occasion that with so many moving parts, companies involved, and unknown issues coming up here and there I think Airship Syndicate has done as good a job as we could expect at this point. It has to suck that they aren’t dealing with Nintendo directly and that THQ Nordic is. Airship Syndicate and the backers right now are at the mercy of these two other companies. I would assume that priority on this is if high importance to all three parties but honestly this could be quite low on Nintendo’s priority of things to do.