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Switch Code/Physical Update


OP updated - codes are expected today by THQ Nordic. Once he gets them, we’ll put them in our system, test them to make sure delivery is correct, then let you guys know immediately!


Just got a reply from Tiny Fish with a tracking link, seems my game was shipped yesterday and it’s on its way to Spain :slight_smile:


I mailed Jon @ Tiny Fish and also got a USPS tracking number. Seems the order was made 11th already, and it was shipped out yesterday. My experience with USPS is that they’re not very fast :slight_smile: So I would expect it to arrive say mid next week at best.


I expected Next-Day or 2-Day delivery when @strangelove said the orders would be rushed out. USPS first-class is basically standard shipping, not rushed at all. Very disappointed.


Hi guys. Need to ask for those whom had email Tinyfish about your shipping, what is the name you indicate to them to find your stuff and the shipping time?

Cos I am going to email them on the shipping too, but I do not know what name airship had given for the shipping. I kinda no idea where to start on emailing them to ask about it.

And lastly, has anyone do not find their backers name in the hall of backers? I had been trying to find my backer’s name under the Hall of Paladins, no where to be found. Trying to email AIrship on this for a few weeks and no reply. I think most probably my name will also be missing within the game credits under the backers.

Kinda disappointed now, since no backer name, no news about the shipping on the game or the physical rewards. Can someone or @strangelove help ? :frowning:


Finally got a response from support…
Total non-answer; reads like they didn’t even read my message.

Very frustrating, and I suspect it’s a form-response they’re sending to everyone who complains without a second glance beyond seeing “Switch”…


I did this and got an email with my shipping info :+1:

I told him:

  • Kickstarter E-Mail
  • Name and address i used on kickstarter


Same. Their response had nothing to do with my inquiry.


7 pm in the publishers country… doubt its coming in the next hours… sucks feeling like a second class citizen when you chipped in funding the game


Let me guess…

European batch was shipped but we’re still waiting on our publishers and Nintendo for the NA batch. We honestly don’t have an ETA but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

Something like that?


Unfortunately we still haven’t received the codes from our publisher or Nintendo :frowning: we’re super sorry for the delay, and we’re just as sad as you are about this. Once we have them you can bet we’ll shoot you an email to let you know.

I had a question about the physical copies, not digital.


Well. at least it’s not just a form letter pasted in.
That’s some consolation - sure they didn’t actually read the messages, but at least they wrote the response out.



Another European backer here from Spain, I still do not have the game or shipping info. I will try to write to
If I had any response, I will post it.



I never got any shipping info in my email, but my physical copy just arrived. New Hampshire, USA backer.


Well, nearly 9pm at THQNordic. Not looking great for today, is it?


depends on how you look at it…are they working with Kyoto Japan or Seattle WA? is the THQ Nordic rep they are working with stateside or europe?



Got a response from TinyFish, and it seems AU copies are being shipped from the US instead of Europe.
Unusual, but at least I have some sort of confirmation, now!

If you haven’t got any confirmation, Jon @ TinyFish seems to be the one that will yield a helpful response.


He’s in Europe, but acts like a vampire. I’ve talked to him at different time of day. And I’m not sure which Nintendo office the codes are coming from, either. So I’m holding out myself for EoD our time.


I’m honestly just hoping for the latest being EOD Friday PDT (before getting upset or anything). As long as I have the game for the weekend, then I am solid.

Eagerly awaiting digital code and resisting buying it in the eShop like so many others.


I just received an email from TinyFish, the European copies are on the way and I already have my tracking number.
I hope soon we all have our copy soon.