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Switch Code/Physical Update


I really hope we get the codes today, i finished up re reading the comics and im so hyped


Yeah. Of course I’d give an ETA if I had one. Nintendo has only passed down general info, from my understanding. My impression is, it really should be tomorrow at the latest. If I had any inkling it’d be as late as next week, I’d be very forthcoming about it. Honestly. Nothing indicates it should drag to that point.

Time zones are a challenge as well. It’s already 10PM where our publisher is, but they’ve been known to work late before.


I know you guys would. This is more frustration than anger. I’ve played the game so I know it’s good. I just want to play lol. It will get here when it gets here. I’ve been a backer since the beginning so I’ve been waiting awhile lol. I hope we get it soon. The comment about next week was a comment out of frustration and I apologize.


Thanks, but no need to apologize, really! We get where everyone is coming from.


I purchased a digital copy from the eshop :sweat_smile: couldnt wait any longer. So far, it looks just as good as the PS4 version i already redeemed. I was quite happy with that! Gameplay is great too, no issues on the switch.

Don’t worry, i have plenty of friends with switches who are waiting for my redemption codes as well!


I did not receive any shipping/tracking information for my Switch physical copy, as well. I’ve double-checked Spam and Junk folders and confirmed it wasn’t deleted. Just trying to get an idea of when the game is going to arrive at my door, as my wife and I are travelling soon.


I received my copy today. Looks like it shipped yesterday.


I understand that there can be issues and delays. I had no issue with waiting for the Switch version to be where Airship Syndicate felt it was ready to submit to Nintendo and the subsequent wait for release. I’m just curious why the backer copies weren’t received early so they could be ready to ship out on time for release day? Some retail stores get their stock almost a month ago (we know this because some places sold copies early), so why was the batch for backers not received and waiting to ship a while ago? Just seems like that’s the thing to do for the people who helped get the game made, get their copies ready first, instead of seemingly waiting to the last minute to ship them out to the shipper for delivery. That’s what I thought would happen, but this is my first time having backed a game on Kickstarter, so maybe I was just naive in thinking how backers would be treated, or how the industry works.

And please don’t misunderstand, I still appreciate the hell of the entire Airship Syndicate team, it just seems like this whole situation (regarding physical copies) was avoidable.


Its been 5 hours since the last reply. Its now over 5pm PST and it must be like 3am for Nordic. I guess its safe to say we won’t get our codes today…


I should say not. Would be nice to have the code before the weekend at the very least.


Can you confirm if I’m on that list too?
Thanks for your time.


Hey guys, sorry today wasn’t the day. We’ll be back at it tomorrow.

For those looking for shipping info, you can contact Jon at Tiny Fish to verify status and ask about missing e-mails:

Sounds like a few have already gotten theirs. You can also contact our support directly at if you have other questions not being answered in this thread.

I’ll also try to check in here whenever I have time.



I am a European backer - in the UK - and I’ve not received any email with shipping info. The physical copy of the game certainly hasn’t arrived yet either.




Another backer here from UK (London to be exact), I still do not have the game nor the shipping info.



Hello @strangelove

Another European backer here, from Italy to be exact.
I still do not have the game nor the shipping info.

Do we have to contact TinyFish or another company?

Thank you in advance


Another Backer here. Just waiting on my code, and I have submitted my query to the support e-mail as well.

Thank you for the updates.


Thanks for the update strangelove!


I got my tracking information after emailing Tiny Fish, and I won’t be getting my copy until Saturday. Not exactly rushed delivery, that’s standard shipping speeds. I’m not even angry, just disappointed.


Hey Thunajack,

I’ve contacted Jon from Tiny Fish to see if they have more info, will write back here if they reply. Might be worth the shot if you wanna write them too.


Looks like my copy is arriving Saturday as well.