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Switch Code/Physical Update


This seems odd to me. There’s a lot of false equivalencies that I don’t understand.

“I paid $100 USD to be a backer of this project.”

I paid 200, what’s the point?

“I mainly did it because of the beta and to make sure this project got off the ground”

Well…yeah that’s what kickstarter is for, getting projects off the ground. You’re funding development. This also helps reinforce for the casual viewer what publishers work with game development and why some games come out “rushed”

“I’ve been in beta’s before for games and am current in WOW BFA beta right now. I got access to the games testing phase back in March with a release window of August 14th. That’s how a beta is supposed to work and I didn’t have to pay a penny to test the game (other then my monthly sub and purchasing in xpac lol ).”

Aside from the comparison of apples to oranges, WoW is a multi-million dollar MMO with Blizzard/ACtivision on their side while Battle Chasers is an independent studio run by a tiny fraction of the head count. This also ignores that most people will continue to gripe and compain about bugs and issues after that expac/content releases (without fail) because you can’t account for every person. I get your frustration but the framework of a multi-million dollar industry defining flagship title of a studio is literally the worst comparison to a game that’s made by a few people in a small studio out of passion for the genre.

“On top of these delays since launch I even paid for the Steam version cause I wanted to play this game so bad and that cost $35 USD.”

I could be wrong on this one since I didn’t notice until later in your reply you chose digital, but they offered steam codes to people who chose Switch to my knowledge, but it could have been physical only and I may be mistaken. If they did though, that kinda means you spent 35 you didn’t need to.

“If you convert my $135 USD to CAN I can guarantee that I’ve paid for this game 3 times and what do I have to show for…a few digital comics, more digital media I don’t really care about, and the shortest beta test I’ve ever seen in my life.”

All of which were plainly stated in the backer rewards for the tiers you chose from…

“I don’t get what’s so hard about getting codes for digital copies of the game.”

I’m a gigantic Nintendo fanboy but surely they laid it out plain enough for any casual viewer to see. The digital codes had to be requested from publisher who then requested through Nintendo which is a Japan based company. There’s plenty of levels to sort through there. HAlf the time I can’t get an email back from a project manager I directly email, let alone a corporation that makes hundreds of decisions a day. I don’t understand this equivalence either.

“Again let me remind you $135 USD and I feel there are people who spent way more then that and are in the same boat as me.”

And as someone who spent more than you did I can speak for myself. Indie development isn’t some massive corporation looking to pocket money and go. In fact most times the money asked in kickstarters kind of just opens the door for funding from a publisher or elsewhere. I will continue to support devs who put work (even after release on the other platforms mind you) into their projects and continue to have a passion for making games.

This isn’t Mighty No 9. This isn’t a subpar project coasting on name alone. This is just a delay in a project due to issues outside the dev teams control. I really shake my head at people willing to rip apart devs for things like this and then wonder why more games/indies don’t really interact with their fanbase.

I’ll go ahead and exit the thread for now until the next update though, as productive conversation seems sort of beyond possibility in discussions such as these.


Is there’s a contact with THQNordic or Nintendo that backers can email complaints to? I think many folks don’t mind a day or two delay, but if the delay is beyond that then it would be helpful to have an avenue to send feedback to the party responsible for the delay. (ie Nintendo)

Very much looking forward to the game!


This is sensible. I think Airship has owned up to about as much as they could be reasonably responsible for at this point. It’s clear that, despite their missteps in getting here, they’re doing everything within their power to get the codes to backers as soon as possible.

At this point, it seems further complaints should be laid at the feet of Nordic/Nintendo.


It really doesn’t help anyone to scream at customer service reps, though.
Things went wrong; everyone feels crummy about it; better to just focus on getting things sorted than looking for someone to blame or yell at.


Sorry but, we backed an Airship Syndacate project. If you came at me saying, Hey i’ll give you a game on nintendo’s Switch!! do you want it? give me $$.
and then “hey, nintendo didn’t give me the game!”. i don’t really think the problem is with nintendo, but it’s your that are not capable to deal with them. Our “contract” is with Airship, we don’t have any business with THQ/N.


Based on the original post, I understood that the delay was not on airship’s end. Is this not the case?


Ok! That at least addresses one of my worries :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll just wait for that Tiny Fish email, or the game to magically appear in my mailbox, for a few more days…


So I dont really disagree with any of your points. At no point did I say my feelings are right but they are my feelings. I’ve never backed a KS project before so lesson learned and I obviously was naive about a few things.

At the end of my post I did mention that I’m sure there are others that paid more then me so quoting me on that multiple times seems unnecessary, I get that more people are affected by this then just me.

At no point did I compare a Blizzard project to a Airship Syndicate so don’t put words in my mouth. I was stating their beta was disappointing and lacklustre if the game was ready for beta and was polished there is no excessive cost to them to give it to their backers with the odd patch or update. All I was stating is their beta period was so small and when I’ve tested other games, I tested them for months not days. The size of your company should not have any bearing on the length of the beta process cause once it’s out there it really shouldn’t cost you much time or money other then fixing bugs via patches.

Yes you only got a digital Steam code if you purchased a physical copy.

I knew what I was getting in terms of tiers. I chose to get access to the new comics and beta. I figured the new comics would have been out ages ago and honestly Joe Mad rarely in his BC’s run hit deadlines so I’m sure we won’t see comics till next year. As stated earlier I did it for beta as well…just too bad it was so short.

I agree with your point on communication/interaction with Nintendo. I never looked at it that way and it makes total sense. The only thing I will add is they have had 6-7 months to figure this out. Moving the game to the Switch platform wasn’t a last minute decision. I feel this delay is more annoying then upsetting. Granted Airship Syndicate could have been working on this with Nintendo for longer then that and this might be a Nordic/Nintendo issue at this point. I will agree that this prolly out of Airship Syndicates hands and they are at the mercy of the big machine.

I agree with your point that holding an indie publisher to the same standard and accountability as a AAA publisher isn’t really fair to them. They don’t have the workforce or revenue to make everything they want to happen when they want it to happen.

Again for the record I just really want to play this game bad and delay after delay is frustrating and as of this writing we still don’t even know when we will get our codes. I’m not saying my point of view is right but since I backed this project I feel I’m allowed to have a point of view. I will admit I was a little harsh in my OP, which wasn’t fair so I will apologize to Airship Syndicate for that and also wanted to thank you for giving me a different perspective on this issue as well as the points I made, whether good or bad.


I knew there would be complaints from people who don’t understand what Kickstarters actually are. There are perks beyond just getting the game, people, and kickstarters aren’t just for buying the game. For me, an actual copy of it is secondary to funding the development of a project that Airship has more than delivered on, which isn’t something a lot of other Kickstarter projects can claim. Just be glad we didn’t get another “Mighty No. 9” I’d fund this Kickstarter all over again at a higher tier, if I could. Congrats and thanks to Airship for delivering on every single stretch goal and then some! You guys will always have my support and I’ll wait however long I need to for the game to show up. I know it’s worth it.


I am aware of what a kickstarter is. I have participated in several to get the “early backer” reduced price for games.

Complaints on a delayed game are normal. I think many folks are just trying to alleviate frustration on the boards.

I also think the developers have made a great game and thus I am ready to play it on the switch. I am not as willing to “wait however long”, when I could buy a digital code from Nintendo’s eshop right now were I not already invested in the kickstarter.


I could do that too, but that’s not what I signed up for when I funded the campaign. I can play the game on Steam right now (and I have.)

I know all too well that complaints are normal, there is never any shortage of them no matter how well a project like this goes.

I’m a glass half full kinda guy, I guess.


Hey man we were both a little harsh in our replies, I may have been more confrontational than I really should have been myself so I accept that too.

In the end we all want to play the game. I just see a lot of stuff slung at the indie devs for this, Indivisible (Which announced a delay today that put everyone in bad moods too) and others that I just kinda hate thinking about the vitriol I’d face if I wanted to pursue developing my own game (which I plan on doing at some point).

I get being mad at things like big names and stuff but I just can’t share the same sentiment when it’s a group of passionate people just trying to make something they like and make a living off a medium that rarely sees a ton of returns to begin with. I just see indies as a group of people, like my classmates when I went to school for game dev and stuff like that, and it’s just easy to get super defensive of people you see as just trying to put out something to people who will (hopefully) enjoy it.

I apologize for my tone and hope you get to play the game soon.


So I not to place blame, but why does this always happen to every game that is KS and needs to deliver content to their backers?

Why wouldn’t they make sure to get the digital and physical copies in order for the backers before even setting a release date? The game had originally released so I am not sure why this always seems to be an afterthought?


We thought we had. After all, the original platforms promised in the campaign - PC, Xbox One, and PS4 - were all available on launch day. The Switch proved to be a large exception to some generally accepted rules.

Still on us, but not for a lack of concern. And while it may be a day or two late for our Switch backers, we hope everyone is happy with the core effort of the campaign: the game we made.

We appreciate the passion everyone has here. We know it ultimately stems from a desire to play the game, which we love to see. Fortunately we feel very good about the product you’ll ultimately get.

Hang in there everyone!


I don’t mind the waiting, strange. I do mind not having a clue if its even on its way to me, as I’ve received no email or anything.


@strangelove hey, thanks for taking the time to reply here! I haven’t received any e-mail either on any incoming shipment, is that something you can look up?


I’ll ask about the e-mails. Seems many didn’t get them.


Thanks for the update. Any inkling if the digital codes will get to us today at some point, or do you think we’re looking at tomorrow?


It seems as though I haven’t gotten a shipping email either, which isn’t a huge deal in the scheme of things I suppose.


Well it’s almost 2pm in my time zone, so I’m going to say that I’m not getting a code today. The thing that sucks is we don’t even have an eta. We could still be waiting for our codes this time next week.