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Switch Code/Physical Update


Why weren’t the copies for the backers received earlier? Why wait until the week before the game launches to have the batch for the backers sent out to the shipper? Stores were getting their inventory up to a month ago, why weren’t the backers copies received earlier and ready to ship out well ahead of time?


So can we have an ETA? I get that you were unprepared but did THQ or the big N give you a time zone of when the codes should start to roll out?


Appreciate you guys updating the forums, please keep us updated. In the end, you guys are at the grace of Nintendo as much as we are - that’s unfortunate for everyone. Maybe also send out an email again for the people that are not watching the forums. I was checking my inbox today before thinking about coming here.

Here’s hoping the codes magically are showing up tonight…


Wow this thread got crazy. It’s weird to see people so up in arms. No one wants their game delayed, especially when it comes to delivering it to the people who made it happen. Yeah it sucks but I mean, we don’t have to pay more for it and we get perks (depending on the tier). So I dunno I feel my purchase has been worth it.

I won’t use the dreaded “entitled” statement but I feel like especially given the hurdles the devs had to cross getting their engine to port to Switch and then Nintendo being how they are (and I love Nintendo) I think I can cut some slack on a studio putting out their first ever independent game while simultaneously updating/patching the game for other platforms.

I get the frustration (as does Strangelove obviously) but it’s weird to think that so many people think that a dev would ever WANT this to happen. I for one can wait a little longer.


Sorry to bug, is there any chance I can confirm mine as well? I’m sure you’re drowning in notifications/emails but figured I’d check haha


no one thinks that they WANT this to happen, but they MAKE this happen. I run projects on my daily work, and first thing you must know is timing ('cause missing a date always means penalties), either if i’m a third party of a major or if i’m working with a third party company.
If the only have checked KS past videogame projects, they could definitely see that this occours, i.e. getting key form apples in Twilight Struggle porting project.
they made a remarkable job for the game itself, it looks really amazing!
But managment IS part of the project.


Same here though. I work in the tech industry and when there are a million working pieces the reality is some things are going to be late. It’s just how life is. Between working with Fedex, customers, and project managers, there’s so many little things that can screw up the whole thing.

I guess for me it’d be different if I wasn’t getting updates through email about how they were still working on it for switch and everything but it’s not like (to me) they just took my money and went radio silent. I chose not to play the game on steam despite them giving me a key because I want to play the Switch version in full.

I get the frustration, I just don’t understand how raging at the people trying to get you what you want is really helpful. But then again delays and stuff have never been high on my list of rage outs when it comes to gaming. I tend to save that rage for things like monetization strategies and other bs I see.

Having started getting on the road to publishing an indie game myself and seeing the team doing everything they can to keep moving forward, and with hearing about how even studios like Yacht Club (Shovel Knight) have had to fight uphill battles when it comes to indie title development, I guess I just have more leniency.


It wouldn’t be like a true Battle Chasers without a little bit of waiting! It’s like 1998 all over again, good time to do a re-read!


I understand delays and challenges with this, but what frustrates me is that other retailers have it. I could have had it earlier and cheaper, but because I chose to support the developer and back it on Kickstarter I not only paid more for it but now have to wait longer.

I still haven’t seen any shipping confirmation email…


While this is frustrating I understand it’s out of your control. Have they even given you a time-frame on when codes will be released? Since I guess I didn’t officially pick Switch I am ot getting emails so I am periodically refreshing the claim page like a weirdo…


I opted in for Switch originally and missed the first email that was sent out - so I’m doing the same haha.

The delay sucks, but what’s a few days in the grand scheme.


Ok, posted another update up top. Physical copies are all out, and our THQ Nordic guy is making progress. Sorry we missed launch day, but it’s our top concern at the moment.

We definitely understand everyone’s frustration.


Greaaaaaaat! ty for the news :slight_smile:


Keeping my fingers crossed for the news today. I never received any update emails so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be a key available for me when the release goes though. I’m close to just buying a copy outright :slight_smile: . Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the updates - hearing something reallllly helps. Even if it’s just a check-in every day - it helps frustrations. You guys rule and we love you.


Wait, they’ve all shipped?
I haven’t received any confirmation email yet. Now I’m really worried about that lack of clarification about whether Australia is counted with Europe, or what.


I am completely lost. I want the Switch physical copy. Will I be getting it? When? There still isn’t even an option to select Switch as a platform. What am I supposed to do? I’m in the UK, so please, some clarification on exactly what is going on with this would be huge.

Edit: I opted in for physical edition ages ago on the survey. You say those have shipped now but I have no confirmation email or anything. Could you let me know if I was on the mailing list for those?


I am using my super powers to will the codes into existence. It is hard work, but it’ll happen.

I think I’ll go have a break and play some Tropical Freeze while I wait.


Awwwww yeeeeeah. While I haven’t gotten an email about shipping yet I’m going to hold off til Friday to really say anything or whatever. Thanks for keeping us updated and can’t wait to have this game.


@strangelove This beyond ridiculous lol. I paid $100 USD to be a backer of this project. I mainly did it because of the beta and to make sure this project got off the ground (current and new BC comics didn’t hurt but who knows when those will show up. I will note I have original copies of the comics first run so getting digital copies doesn’t mean much). Beta for this project lasted maybe two weeks. I’ve been in beta’s before for games and am current in WOW BFA beta right now. I got access to the games testing phase back in March with a release window of August 14th. That’s how a beta is supposed to work and I didn’t have to pay a penny to test the game (other then my monthly sub and purchasing in xpac lol ). On top of these delays since launch I even paid for the Steam version cause I wanted to play this game so bad and that cost $35 USD. So now I’m $135 USD invested and still waiting for my Switch version of the game. I get delays happen, it sucks. I’m more frustrated that being a backer of this project has really meant nothing in the grand scheme of everything. The game is on Nintendo’s store right now for $54.99 CAN. If you convert my $135 USD to CAN I can guarantee that I’ve paid for this game 3 times and what do I have to show for…a few digital comics, more digital media I don’t really care about, and the shortest beta test I’ve ever seen in my life. It sucks that any non backer can play the Switch version right now and I can’t. Hey I get that I have the game right now, but I can’t take it on the go and that’s why I choose the Switch as my platform. So really being a backer really did nothing for me other then paying for the same game 3 times. I don’t get what’s so hard about getting codes for digital copies of the game. Prior to signing up with Nintendo I would of assumed someone would of said to Nintendo we have XXX investors of this game and we require them to have digital copies of this game on launch day, before we move forward we need to know this can and will happen. Shocking no one did their homework on that one. It’s actually better to not be a backer on this project as of this writing lol. For some reason I feel I should of upgraded to a physical copy because at least I would know I am getting a copy in so many days. At this time next week, we might still be waiting for our digital codes. For the record not mad, if there was a word for beyond frustrated and beyond disappointed, I would be that word. I find it to be quite ridiculous to even be in this predicament. Again let me remind you $135 USD and I feel there are people who spent way more then that and are in the same boat as me.