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Switch Code/Physical Update


I understand everyone’s frustration, but delays in shipments do happen. What could be the case? Who knows. We aren’t talking about a large AAA company here. This is a small company that the switch backing wasn’t even a part of to begin with initially. The product is on the way, albeit a couple days late. Be happy with what you have. No need to complain and say “i will not back anymore projects” how low do you have to be to not back somebody because the shipping was delayed that is completely out of the hands of Airship? Get off your high horse.

Airship, I want to personally thank you for even bringing the switch version out. I know ports take time to get them right and working and without bugs. So I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work you guys have done and now I get to enjoy this beautiful game portable on my new trip to Portland! To everyone else, enjoy!


Thanks for the update @strangelove, I’ve been coming back to the forums to see about updates on this version of the game for the last few months. Backed the game quite a while ago, held off on redemption for the Swtich version. Still very excited to play! Looking forward to the digital key distribution.


High horse? They’re not my close personal friends, they’re a business. They’ve had my money for over 7 months, and have not exactly been transparent as to where my product is. I would like what I paid for, and as I have not received it in a timely manner, I think it’s reasonable to not give them my money in the future.

Further, given that they are a small company, communication is even more important. I understand that delays occur, but I am saying that I have officially had enough delays to continue to extend my good will to them. I am excited to receive the product, but I don’t think they did a good job of honoring the contributions from people who were waiting for a Switch version.

If you fail to hold businesses accountable for being careless with your money, you will continue to find yourself in situations like this. Vote with your wallet.


@Vorn Na, i get it. I spent a llllot of money in the kickstarter, and am waiting on a bunch of physical rewards. So i guess I’m trying to look on the positive sides of things, so i dont get upset. I think and hope the team will be understanding the frustrations and taking some lessons learned from them.

In the end, switch day has arrived, and we will get our codes eventually. I hope it was worth the wait, for all of us.

All i can really hope for is:

  1. The game is awesome
  2. Airship learns from this experience


Timely manner? You waited SEVEN MONTHS and now your b*tching about 2 days? I’ve been waiting since October and not once did I complain about the game coming out. They were communicating the whole way giving updates the best they could.

Nobody isn’t holding them accountable. They know they messed up. They will make it right in any way they can. They will learn from the experience and improve moving forward. They weren’t even supposed to make this version but they did it because the community wanted it. They made it happen. If you don’t want to buy anymore games your loss. Nobody is gonna miss it anyway with your negative attitude towards a small mishap.


Essentially 4 updates in total. The first one assuring us: “We don’t anticipate this will be a major delay (not six months down the road or anything drastic”

Over 7 months later (a major delay by their own account) they only updated the backers a grand total of 3 times. I would call that bad communication given their initial communication predicting a short delay. I’d say that justifies some polite bitching, in the form of holding them accountable for not utilizing my money and their time properly.

Listen, it’s a video game; it’s truly not a big deal. I also get and appreciate that they’re a small company and they were trying to make the game perfect. What I don’t appreciate is how little they communicated with us (going months without so much as a ‘it’s coming guys!’) and that, knowing how MAJORLY (their words) the game was delayed, they did not do everything within their power to make sure the backers had the game for release, you know, when literally anyone else could be playing it.


Hmmm… European backer here. Switch, physical upgrade, but still no Tiny Fish email :frowning: (yeah, I’ve checked the junk folders, that’s where I actually found Monday’s announcement about all this)


Hi everyone, waiting for the switch code as everyone on this topic, just a question, am i the only one who cannot see the switch box anymore in the game code selection? It was there last time i checked and it just disappeared…


Its been gone since around 11 EST. Im sure its in preparation of adding a working one.


Hi guys i do not have an email from Tiny fish, however i do have an email from you confirming my physical copy upgrade to the Switch version? can you help in any way, really wanted to play this on my long journey to hospital tomorrow!
kind regards Ross .
Any chance of a digital code for switch whilst i wait for the physical?


Some stores got the game in stock over a month ago. We know this because some places sold copies of it about a month ago. How are some the backers the last people to get a copy of the game? A batch should have been set aside early on just for backers instead of shipping the backers batch at the last minute. That’s why I’m upset. I understand that things happen that are out of their control and that the long wait to get the Switch version was because they wanted to get the best version possible to us, and I appreciate that. But having the batch of games meant for backers, delivered the week before launch in order to ship out, is inexcusable. The possibility of a delay should have been anticipated and our copies should have been ready to ship well ahead of time.


Hey guys, just posted an update in the OP.

Regarding the Switch box disappearing in the codes on the store page: This is just in anticipation of the REAL codes being delivered. When the codes are live, it’ll return.


Yeah, totally get the sentiment. We just underestimated the challenge of getting game copies and codes outside of the normal supply chain. Especially with the digital codes, we were unprepared. All of the other platforms are essentially instant. Steam basically IS instant, and Xbox/PS4 codes can be acquired in a few days at the most.


Hey Gawlf, not sure why you didn’t get an email. If it makes you feel better, I double checked to make sure your name was on the shipping list we sent them and it is. Sorry!


I’d say both are true, but I may be biased. :slight_smile:


Yep, your feelings are justified.


I see you on the Switch shipping list, so you should be good.


We understand how you feel.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: Have already played some time on steam an really enjoy the game and looking forward to the switch version.


Thanks for the insight, and responding to everyone’s comments here. I sympathize that this is out of your hands at this moment, but I guess this means still no word on when codes will be coming?