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Switch Code/Physical Update

Hey, is there any news regarding redeeming a digital copy on the Switch for EU users?

@strangelove any chance you can help out with my digital switch code in UK I’m not seeing the option for redeeming a switch code still :frowning:

I have a game code that I want to redeem, but I’m still not seeing the option for the Switch version? Any help you can give me?

I don’t see my game redemption code to use?

It has been literal years since the promise of my digital switch copy. Please either refund me my money or provide me my code for my digital switch copy. This is just sad

Hello @Mindshk!
Sorry to hear that.

I hope that your problem will be solved soon!

I have attached a screenshot showing that the Nintendo Switch is not listed as an option. And more so, that more news would be coming soon. That last update was years ago.
I will be contacting Airship following the sending of this email.

OK indeed the info should be displayed by now…
I hope that you will get your code soon. (Any help? @ortizgames)