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Switch Code/Physical Update


Have e-mailed support to try and get switch codes enabled with no luck. How long did reply take?


doesn’t work for me either - 6:43 am over here- and if THQ Nordic is in Austria- noon would have been about 3am our time. tried verifying code but did not work for me in Australia either :disappointed:


@strangelove @Hooper. As the only people on the development team who have posted here, please tell me you can help me out. This is day 4 now and all I want to do is play this game on my Switch :frowning: Have e-mailed support twice with no reply.


Tried again this morning and it worked! Thanks @mauaus!


Woohoo, enjoy the game im about to start it now!


Just got home and had this lovely piece of mail waiting for me! Just for clarity I upgraded to a physical switch edition as a backer. Now I must be going to start playing this! :grinning:


Mine was delivered today as well! Nice surprise!


An email would’ve been nice you know?

I took your word and waited all day for my key and now I notice I had to actually log in and come back to this specific thread once more to know my key was up.

Why weren’t all the keys and everything tested at this late point. Come on guys…

Thanks for sure and I will definitely enjoy the game but you can improve communication and distribution of this stuff 100%.

I am really annoyed at how this was handled and I hope lessons are learned if there ever is a future KS from you guys.


Hello - My code is invalid, and can’t be redeemed - I’ve tried many times, but still no luck. I’m in Australia, I’ve also found out that someone else in Australia was able to redeem a physical copy, when I was told that it wouldn’t ship here.

It’s hard not to be a little bitter at this point…but whatever, please just give me a working code, or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve input the code into the nintendo eshop redeem code section.


Oh Also - unable to verify the code, so very very invalid


I backed battle chasers on kickstarter and their site will not let me get a switch key. I can only see a steam key even though I NEVER selected steam as a reward.

I DO NOT WANT the steam key.

Support is unwilling to help.

I want a refund or a Switch key. Anything else is unacceptable.

Be careful with these guys, their customer support is a joke.


Your support makes me wish I never supported your kickstarter. I backed your product, helped you make it a reality and now are holding back a switch key from me. Sort your site out, I never requested a steam key. This is a joke!


after a quick answer from support everything works now thanks.


ok so i thought changing system settings in my console would do the trick, i had to change my settings in my nintendo profile to do it…that’s messed up. Suddenly i went from being Australian to Austrian.

all hail Conchita Wurst!


I’ve emailed the support on Friday, still no answer from them, and the problem persists- I have no Switch key option, only steam, gog and bigger consoles…


I contacted support about Australian switch codes. Sounds like they’ll appear in the option list in the future.

we’re still waiting for AU codes from our publisher. They were supposed to arrive Friday, but we don’t have them yet. We’ll make them available as soon as we receive them.


I’ve really been trying to play the patience game here. But it’s already Sunday, and I still can’t access a Switch code. I sent an email to support and haven’t heard anything.

Sure I could get a PS4 or Steam code, so technically I can still get the game I paid for. But I don’t really want it on either of those platforms.


I got a reply from support saying Aus codes are on the way… I caved and bought it on the E-shop (and it’s amazing). My copy is going to a friend!. Hope they can turn it around quickly.



I noticed that my Switch code says (EU) on it and will not let me validate on this site nor will it work in my US Switch.

How do i fix this?


Well this game has convinced me to never kickstart another project again. Been waiting for a Switch digital code and still nothing, this has been a nightmare. How about we get the product we paid for? That would be great. I hate doing this cause I am usually an optimistic person, but going through customer service and playing email tag, has been miserable. FIX IT.