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Switch Code/Physical Update


Thanks man. I can confirm that. EU codes good to download now


Hey trmays. I was in your same situation, just write and ask them for the tracking info :slight_smile:


I am also unable too


A logout/login seemed to have cleared up my key issues. It’s now in my inventory and had been successfully redeemed. Thanks everyone, looking forward to playing!!!


Ill give that a try!


Just tried redeeming the EU code on my Aussie Switch and it says that it couldn’t be recognised… I thought EU/AU/PAL was all the same? There wasn’t any option for an AU key, what do I do now? Get support to return the key? Definitely don’t want to mess with multiple N accounts…


We actually get EU games in AU boxes on store shelves; the games are EU versions on our eShop - but codes are incompatible between stores.
Different servers to process the different currencies and speed up downloads, I suppose.


@Deedubbs if you have no funds on your account you can change the region redeem the game and then switch back to your normal region, absolutely no problems and no repercussions


Hi I’m in the UK and just successfully redeemed the EU code - currently downloading the game! Exciting times!


Just tried this but didn’t work, same error, code cannot be recognised. :frowning:

Error code: 2813-6561


Are you sure you are not trying the DLC code instead of the Game code? They share the same structure but the DLC code needs to be redeemed in game


On second look, I think I was doing it wrong. I’ll try again tomorrow morning. Unless, @strangelove, what’s the official stance on getting a code for Australia?


I can only see a steam key!? I don’t want a steam key, I never selected steam.

I’ve been waiting for Switch. Please help


me neither, hopefully there will be a fix today


Same here, I can choose to redeem a code for steam, xbox, ps4 or gog, but I don’t see any switch option :confused:


Digital or physical? Because if you upgraded to physical, you won’t have a key, you’ll have to wait for your physical game to arrive


I seem to be in the same situation as a few others. I do not see an option for a Switch code redemption on my account. I have 5 options: Steam, XBoxOne, PS4 NA, PS4 EU and GoG.


Same here. Only 5 options, no Switch :frowning:


Email support. They will enable it.


The wait being at work while my physical copy is sitting in my mailbox is excruciating. Can’t wait to play it. Thanks for the updates!