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Switch Code/Physical Update


All set thanks @Hopper


Guys sorry, our online store team is in bed for the night.

Please send any remaining issues with Switch keys in an email to:

And we’ll be sure to fix them as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your support, everyone!


It worked for me. It was a little confusing that the code to redeem the game went to the bottom of my inventory. I got worried at first wondering why the game selection option disappeared and I had no code.

Thanks for all the hard work and hope we see more games in future.


Just redeemed my code for Switch NA with no issues, thanks!


I just want to double-check, but if we upgraded to the physical version of the Switch, we don’t also get a digital code do we? My friend is trying to convince me that I should be getting my physical copy for the Switch, a digital key for the Switch and have my Steam version. I should just have my physical copy (when it gets here) and the Steam version, correct?


@GarikLoran: You are correct. You’ll have the physical switch when it arrives, and should have the Steam key right now.


That’s what I thought, but my friend was positive I should also be getting a Switch digital key as well. Just wanted to confirm, thanks!


Not sure where I am going wrong here. Not seeing any version for the switch in my selection options.

Have refreshed, logged out and in…any advice?


Bad news: AU digital eShop redemption codes are different from US and EU codes.

Good news: You can make another Nintendo Account for another region to redeem the appropriate code.
Had to do this when I got a preorder DLC code from NISA Europe - the code would only work with an EU eShop account.


I was able to upgrade to physical in Australia; strangely, my copy seems to be shipping from the US rather than the EU batch.


thats great!

despite it’s not working on the nintendo EU shop, i could be able to redeem the code. i got an error saying that the item linked to that code is not present yet. Hope is like @strangelove said few hours ago that still need to be activated.


Same as Vorn the EU code is not working


you have just to wait at the 12 am


Meanwhile the EU versions can still not be downloaded from E-Shop…


Yes 12am somewhere in the world - it is unknown what timezone


european central time


Okay, so I redeemed an EU version, not realising that it doesn’t work on the Australian store (Australian codes were not an option).

Is there any way I can get this converted to an Australian eShop code? I’d really rather not create a separate account just for one game, especially with Nintendo’s unified paid online service stuff coming soon…


Good news at least is that if you redeem it on an EU account, it’ll show up as purchased in your AU account - game licenses on Switch, to my knowledge, are system-linked; not account-linked.


I am the same as Adam, i can’t find any switch key to redeem.


guys!!! the code works now. i go to play! ciaoooooo