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Switch Code/Physical Update


I redeemed it but now its still the same and cant see the code in my inventory and it still shows the green SELECT button, please help me!


I also only see the steam code that i thought came with the upgrade, is there supposed to be another box below that one?


@mauaus Did you click UNLOCK on the switch code?


It’s nowhere to be seen

And this is the inventory screen


Switch option finally showed for redemption, redeemed, but got no code. Transaction is showing in my account history, but after logging out /in, or trying to log in through incognito doesn’t display game key.

Game code choice is still showing a redeem link, but when clicking on the link, I get to the redemption portal that used to show all game versions available. Now it shows nothing.

Code claim history shows nothing related to the game code itself, and transaction history shows “CHARGED” for a Nintendo Switch digital key as of today, but no key is available.

Please help.


I’m seeing the dash be screens, even after redeeming my switch digital key


I’m also having the same issues. Redeemed, but there’s no code. :frowning:


If you see this in your inventory, click the UNLOCK button.

You may need to scroll down to see it.


for some reason mine doesnt even offer me the option to select a switch code. It shows that i got a steam code, and nothing else.

I didnt select a steam code. I got a steam code for early backing.


Working now. Thank you!


OMG! Thank you! :smiley:


i am not seeing this on my transactions and inventory page


This is the same situation I’m in. I thought that I was going crazy but I’m glad that others are mentioning the free Steam code (which I have never used, FWIW).


assording to the transaction history page, I purchased the steam version and was charged $0. I definitely signed in and activated that, but it was for the beta, not for my selected kickstarter code. (honestly, i will jsut buy the game again if necessary, but i backed it to get a code on Switch. )


@aett and @Thegeekyhusband: sending PMs.


I also only see the steam code that i thought came with the upgrade, is there supposed to be another box below that one? i thought that when you selected the switch physical version that you got a code? if that’s not the case please let me know. Thanks for all of your help!


Thanks for the help @Hooper !


Can’t see a switch option?


It’s showing Nintendo Switch NA on mine, but there’s no option to select it to get my code (Says it’s unavailable right now)


@E_Ensey: check PMs, thanks