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Switch Code/Physical Update


Got my code and am installing now. Thank you guys so much! Awesome awesome awesome!


Now I see a block that reads “can-select-switch” but there’s no code or “redeem” button or anything. :slight_smile:


Sooooo NA option says unavailable.


I finalized and lost the code. Refresh isn’t working. Any ideas???


Refresh with ctrl+F5, your account looks like it should be eligible


Check your inventory page!


Mine worked first time. Thanks!


i emailed Jon but he mention his side not doing the shipping for Asia region.

So who do i ask about this?

Still great to hear that the codes are up (just checked on my account for it and its there :slight_smile: )


It’s weird strange. The game code choice option looks like I never did anything. But when I try and go in it’s all blank. ??? Hahaha


I tried to redeem my code and now i can’t find it. What do I need to do?


That is strange. I see a Switch game code listed on your account. I can’t see the code but I see you have one unlocked…


Is it in your inventory?


In your inventory, is there a code you can click “unlock” on?


I tried upgrading to the Physical Edition when it was announced you could, but the option never appeared for me because I’m in Australia region - and they said they weren’t shipping there.

I take it the option was there for you on the website to upgrade?


Did a full logout and it’s there. Thanks strange!!!


Just for everyone. You chose the platform and then it adds a new box to the inventory screen that you then have to unlock to get your code. I didn’t have the screen but a quick log out log in fixed it.


No. I have an option to select, but it’s nit giving me the option to choose anything.


Log out or refresh. And then go to inventory screen. It’s not where you chose the platform. Scroll down and look for a box that says switch code. And unlock.


I don’t even have an option to choose a platform on my inventory screen. Just a list of my codes: wallpapers, etc., but no Switch code. I’ve logged out a few times.


This sounds dumb but once on the inventory screen after you selected the game code choice. Scroll up and down and look where it says redeem on other items. See if you see the word unlock. It will be the switch code.