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Switch Code/Physical Update

Just arrive physical copie to Spain!!! Yeahhh wellcome to my collection!!!

My physical copy arrived today (to Spain). :grinning:

Yes, I have my digital code now! Thank you for it, sorry I was a bit harsh in the last post, it was just very frustrating exchanging emails through Customer Service. Also, not sure if anyone else was having trouble redeeming it, but I could not find the Switch code at all. It was only until I was messing around and clicked on UPGRADES in the My Account Section, is where I found it. Played a bit of it last night on the Switch and super pumped I appreciate it, THANK YOU.

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Just wanted to let others know that I never received a shipping info email, only the one the devs sent out about copies beginning to be shipped back on 15th May.
I received my copy in the post today here in the UK. I suspect they are on their way!
A shame to have no shipping info but mine came with the normal mail (royal mail) and was shipped on 11th May by Tiny Fish Printing in the US.
Hopefully you’ll all get hands on yours soon!

Still think it would have been better if they have just sent us all digital codes out too!

I am from Australia and I kinda followed a few people here and selected an EU code, I take some of the blame for this… Anyways I cannot redeem this code. I have contacted support and they informed me that AU codes had not arrived yet. But I haven’t heard anything more and my ticket is still seems open (1696)

Have the Australian codes arrived?
If so can I swap my EU code for an AU code?

Also I just want to say that I understand how hard all this would be for a small team, especially when you do not control all the things. Have some patience people, shouting and abuse on the internet is a pointless and ugly exercise.

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Have not received an Switch copy/code yet, I backed this at a very high tier and was looking forward to playing it. I put in a support request a few days ago and just get back automated replies. Thanks for any help with this!

This game is great! I am so glad I backed and supported this project. Amazing work airship!

I have dug out my comics and loving being back in the battle chasers universe.

No where to claim a switch code either. Any update?

Hey, so I don’t see a switch code either? I checked far and wide and so far I found nothing :frowning:
Some people seem to have their digital Switch codes already, is there a problem with EU codes?
Any reply would be much appreciated.

I don’t know if you will be able to swap your EU code, but I may have a solution if it’s not possible.
First you have to create a new account on
When you have to chose a country or a region, you pick one in the EU.
Finish all the rest and when done you just have to create a new user on your switch and associate it with the Nintendo account you just create.
Then you just have to chose this user when you go to the Nintendo e-shop, you’ll access to Switch EU titles and you’ll be able to enter the code for Battle Chaser.
I did this to be able to shop Japanese titles and I play those games with my main account.

Hope this will help you if you’re stuck with the EU code :slight_smile:

I have a Steam code listed in my account but that’s not the platform I selected in my backer survey. Are we still waiting for Switch codes or is this something that Support can assist with?

I’m still waiting on my physical copy. Did my upgrade to physical not register? Or is it still on it’s way.

still no word of my physical copy… it’s really long to wait

At least I know that I’m not alone.

Nope, don’t have my physical copy either. It’s been over two weeks since it was released in retail now…

Hey @strangelove some of us still haven’t received physical copies yet. Can you help us out and let us know why?

Hey, is there any news regarding redeeming a digital copy on the Switch for EU users?

@strangelove any chance you can help out with my digital switch code in UK I’m not seeing the option for redeeming a switch code still :frowning:

I have a game code that I want to redeem, but I’m still not seeing the option for the Switch version? Any help you can give me?

I don’t see my game redemption code to use?