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So whatever happened to name appearing in credits?


So i had a look through the credits and i didnt see my name appear in the credits, like the option was presented for the backer survey.

I kinda feel jipped on this…unless im missing something on where it actually is?


This is just the beta. It’s not feature complete as well as credit complete. :wink:


Hey Romire, there are two types of credits: those on the website (Hall of Citizens, Hall of Heroes, etc) which will be up when the game launches, and actual in-game credits. Only Loremasters (high end tier with lore writing) and a few above that are directly in-game. If you were a loremaster, your name should appear in the credits. Otherwise look for your name in the Hall of Backers on around launch time!



Yea sadly it is just on the website (so not really in the credits).

Not sure it’s a lot of work to add backers to a special thanks area in the credits, but in the end it just wasnt part of the deal.