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Seriously poor levelling progression


We were talking about progressing the story here right? So bringing up a special boss that can be encountered pretty early (your characters 8 levels below opponents) as example? Are you 8 levels below monsters as standard? Yes then pretty much nothing i said works for you.

And also yes i’m poor guesser

EDIT: on earlier post when i’m talking about “hard” dungeon difficulty i meant “Heroic”. Totally overlooked the “hard” “very hard” etc. “comments” or whatever you wanna call them


But this game advertises itself as a love song to that “bygone era”; it’s why many of us are here playing this game. And let’s face it, you aren’t getting 100+ hours out of this game like a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest so the game time has to come from somewhere.

FYI every game “pads their play times” in some manner or other; some are just more obvious about it than others.


The Ancient Treasure Fiend isn’t a random fight; it’s more like an optional (endgame) boss, which is why it provides you with the best necklace in the game for killing it. You’re not intended to fight it at level 20 when you first get to the Moors. You can, but the loot that you get from the other stuff nearby is a decent clue that the area is actually significantly higher level than 20.

Also, I actually did kill the Ancient Treasure Fiend around level 20 during my first playthrough. The first time I encountered it, I didn’t even realize that I was going to fight something (I went into it blind), and it killed me by using its Burst against me in the very first round and wiping my entire party (Gully, Callibretto, Garrison). The second time, I went in with a few shrines to back me up and used dungeon skills (Callibretto’s Q to ignite it, Garrison’s Q to stun it, Gully’s Q to help me survive, and then Garrison’s Space to engage) to prep the fight and it died without getting an attack in (Enrage>Innervating Mist>Taunt>(Stunned)>Feint>Nature’s Wrath>Shatter>Salivate>Relentless Assault>Warblade).

Whether you get one shotted by the ATF or you one-shot the ATF depends a bit on luck (because of the AI) and a bit on preparation (stunning the thing with a dungeon skill is incredibly useful and shrines are utterly ridiculous), but it’s not like it’s impossible at that moment.


I think grinding is good when it’s needed to tackling hard content.

being able to do Legendary and Mythic should have required you to be no more then less then 2 levels below the enemies and need all gear up to the current tier to stand a reasonable chance.

it’s all about tuning to me. the general story playthrough shouldn’t require having to grind, just extra content and in this game leveling up is a breeze and you only have 30 levels. the old Final Fantasy games took much more time to level and with those you had to do a bit of grinding, not a lot but some to have a smooth playthrough.

sadly this shouldn’t be a thing but they made bosses have much too little health and burst do too much damage, even abilities can do too much damage. I know they nerfed garrison’s ability to 60 overcharge but i was one shotting bosses with just the 40. Attack % modifiers are probably something they should avoid using next time for perks and ability buffs. just have the amount scale on level, so if you stack attack power you wont benefit more then if you stacked something like haste.


Well i think another problem with ATF is the fact that you have time to use dungeon skills. Example using Alumons Path of Darkness you can pretty much kill the boss before the fight even starts. So this type of boss really should just be immune to the dungeon skills


It should also be mentioned that the xp system that they’ve used for Battle Chasers isn’t anything remotely similar to what is used by standard JRPGs. There are level modifiers which allow you to get an almost unholy amount of xp from an enemy higher level than you (or roughly appropriate level), and significantly less xp from enemies that are lower level than you, with more than 3 levels lower than you providing no xp at all.

All of this is a design that is intended to reduce the need to grind. The way it’s set up, you rapidly gain levels until you’re on par with enemies and then it slows down until you no longer get any experience after a bit.

Honestly, I’d say that it’s a good thing. Grinding with a goal in mind can sometimes be fun (such as trying to get money or mats to get a piece of gear), but it’s a really bad way to fill out playtime. I haven’t really done any XP grinding in Battle Chasers, which is nice (and I say this as someone that regularly grinds in every game I play for obscene reasons). The need for gear to keep up with your level, however, does necessitate a fair amount of grinding because it’s so random.

The attack % modifiers are, in general, fine. The only ones that are problematic are Garrison’s Overcharge perks because you’re getting a 40% increase in the power of the attack for every 10% overcharge consumed, and only because of Warblade (and especially Warblade II). Completely ignoring the truly crappy damage increase that Warblade naturally gets for consuming Overcharge (each Overcharge consumes provides a paltry .5% increase in damage dealt; 60 Overcharge nets you a mere 30% increase in damage), Warblade consuming 60 Overcharge provides an utterly ridiculous 240% increase in damage dealt. For every other attack he’s got, it’s capped at much more reasonable levels because they consume more moderate amounts.

And it’s not even that hard to generate an obscene amount of Overcharge with him. High Paladin Armor has Invigorate (which, btw, is completely OP for an armor feature when Overcharge is explicitly more powerful than mana because of the Overcharge perks) and can be gotten halfway through the game (and continues to be the best piece of armor for him even in the endgame). He can get perks to start with 10 Overcharge and carry 10 more over at the start of a battle. Innervating Mist (w/ Callibretto) can also provide 6-9 additional Overcharge per round at no cost.

It would have been a lot more balanced for Garrison’s Overcharge perks to provide a flat quantity (like Callibretto’s and Gully’s Overcharge perks) rather than a percentage increase. It would have been a lot more balanced if Garrison got a damage version of Gully/Bretto’s Overcharge perk, which deals damage to a target (whether it’s the highest hp target, the lowest hp target, or the target of the attack) based upon the Overcharge consumed and Garrison’s attack power. That way you’d, at least, be able to cap the damage increase to some extent (the other percentage Overcharges naturally cap themselves because of the mechanics in question; more attack power is always better but higher crit doesn’t really do much when you’re already at 100% crit rate).