PS4 Issue: Occasional crashes


I understand what Armored8 is saying about stuttering.
It’s like frames are skipped every few moments, lately it has been as soon as I load up the game. In the past it would maybe play smoothly for awhile and then start hitching/frame skipping but now it definitely seems more frequent and more often.
For example, if it hitches while you push a button in battle, the game doesn’t realize you pushed it. So either you end up selecting something you didn’t want to because it missed you pushing down or it doesn’t confirm or cancel a command because it missed that button input.
As far as I can tell it is only graphically and button inputs, I don’t notice it in the audio.


@stlthriot: What part of the game are you in right now?

We’ll take a look and see what we can find.


My latest issue is game freezing when I enter battle in a new region. This is particularly frustrating when you finish a dungeon and go after the Sky Pirates only to have the game freeze during the battle-loading screen.

Please look at this issue and fix it ASAP!


@Daizengar: I’m sorry that’s happening.

To be able to look into it, it will help us if we have more information:

  • This is on PS4, correct?
  • What part of the game are you in? Which dungeon did you just complete?
  • When the game freezes, are animations still playing? Or is everything completely frozen on the screen? Can you upload a screenshot or video?
  • What enemies are you fighting when it happens? Is it the sky pirates, or someone else?
  • Are you able to enter combat with a different enemy without freezing?


1- Yes, on PS4
2- NG+, Mana Rifts
3- No animation playing just loading bar, usually empty but last time it
was full, and everything freezes except the music; Sorry, no pics
4- Last time it was the Sky Pirates, but it happened before with mobs on
the map.
5- Yes, once I close the game and reload it it works. The problem is that I
lose the Sky Pirates and have to do the dungeon again.


Hey, Daizengar,

Tha is for the report; that’s really strange and we hadn’t encountered this bug before. We’ll look into it and see if we can find any possible solutions.


It only happened 3 or 4 times since starting NG+ but the last time was
against the Sky Pirates


So after almost 3 months you don’t even have the decency to answer if yes or no you work on another patch on ps4? a yes or no is all we ask…

at least fix the pink screen having to fear every time you fight a boss that the game crashes makes the experience with your game very unpleasant and the fact that your game has for god know why long loading time really don’t help with the issue.


Sorry for the delayed response… I’m currently at The Crimson Garden but I’ve noticed the framerate hitching since the beginning, I purchased day of release. Seems more frequent now though.


@stlthriot: Is the hitching mainly in combat?


I notice it mostly in battle and most frequent. But I definitely see it outside as well, perhaps not as often.
I think I also noticed it more since the patch for PS4 Pro increasing the fps. Even before the 60 fps update I noticed but maybe less often. Now I’d say every 10-20 seconds, before maybe every 30-60 seconds, if my memory is correct.
I’ll try to load it up on my regular PS4 later and see what I notice.


@Armored8: Are you running 1.02, or 1.03? The latest patch is 1.03. Also, what version number do you see on the main menu? You should see 23207.

If you’re seeing a pink screen when a video plays as frequently as you say (one out of three times), that’s far more often than you should be seeing it, based on what we’ve experienced here, and what QA has found. It should be a rare occurrence at this point.

We should be releasing another patch in the coming months, but I can’t say exactly when. I can say there are issues outside of our control that can cause crashes every several hours, and a blank video very infrequently. This patch is unlikely to address those issues, since they are mostly in systems that we don’t have the source code to. We’ve done what we can to mitigate them, but I don’t see any kind of silver bullet in the near future.

On the other hand, there are lots of people happily playing the game at this point, even with the occasional issue.

Side note: if you could tone down the vitriol in your posts, and not cross-post to other threads about unrelated topics, I’d really appreciate it.


Yes i run patch 1.03 and the version number in the main menu is 23207

Thanks for finally answer my question now i know buying your game was a real mistake and your are really lucky i struggle with english otherwise i could really explain why the fact you release this game in that state is a real shame but i will try anyway :blush:

So if i understand correctly you can’t fix the issues ? if yes why do you even release this game on console when is so obvious you knew your game has issues??? come on, all consoles version have the same issues and all you do is asking meaningless questions but you do nothings after, what the point seriously? if you can’t understand why having to fear than that game crash randomly makes the experience really unpleasant don’t pretend you want entertain peoples.
By the way a lot smaller team than yours with a lot less money have release game on unity and ps4 with no issues or they have fix them ! i know crazy ! :scream: you have no excuses …

Peoples are happy with your game? on pc maybe but on console most say the same thing “could be a good game but massively held back by crash” and let’s be a little honest most peoples don’t care anymore but they will stay on the bad impression about this game and AIRSHIP actually i monitoring forums for this game in three different languages and i can tell you peoples are not really happy with your game on ps4 even on this forum most of the post are peoples who complain about the issues on console.
And honestly if some are ok for dealing with all the issues this game has good for them but most peoples are not submissive enough sorry because this game has largely cross the line between what is acceptable and what is not, specially when you casually say you will never fix the issues.

Anyway believe it or not i really like your game and wanted to invest some time with it even hope for some dlc when i still thought you are going to do the things right and the fact i like your game is one of the reasons i am so mad about all this because i can’t enjoy my game normally, the others reason are i have pay 33euros for a broken game and the total disrespect you have for yours customers because this is not normal most peoples in there job will face serious trouble if they act like you do !

Side note: my tone was ok?:fearful: i have put smiley and all :roll_eyes: and please show me where i cross-post to other threads about unrelated topics? well ok i did that one time only and i won’t do it again because unlike some peoples i am a man of my word and FIX MY GAME I’d really appreciate it.