PS4 Issue: Occasional crashes


Good news!

I will start my journey tomorrow! =]


The last patch help a lot BUT

Pink screen still happen he actually always happen when i try to rewatch cutscene in cassebourg, sorry i don’t know the name in english but there only one place you can do that i think and the game still always crash quickly after the pink screen.

But i learn my lesson never again i buy one of your game day one i hate to say that because i really like the game but issues like that are really joy killer for me…

Sorry again for my english and i really hope you don’t drop the ball and you will fix all these issues once and for all soon.


The game is really fun and I am glad that I helped to back it!


Update 1.01
8.5 hours
No Save Data Corruption
Haven’t backed up my save data
No apps running in the background

Finished the boss in Junktown, to then get a pink screen where the animation was supposed to be. I didn’t know if it was a thing, but now I’ll be sure to back up my save data, in case it happens again or if my save gets corrupted.


Your safe should be very safe now with our latest patch, 1.02, @Bretto_83, but backing up saves is never a bad idea!
If you’re on 1.01, you should update to 1.02 whenever you next can!


Updated to the latest patch but noticed I’m still getting errors including the pink screen during illustrated movie sequences and the game has crashed suddenly a bunch of times now, all at random occasions but mostly after boss fights


Once again, completed the game and as soon as the credits finished the game crashed


Hey, @DeusArtMachina:
We’re sorry the game is still crashing so frequently for you. We’re doing our best to track down the causes and eliminate them one by one. If you’re getting credits after bosses and the End Credits, this indicates it’s more than likely a crash with the video player, which we’re aware of and trying to figure out.

Thank you very much for the feedback.


No problem @ortizgames,
Just giving you a heads up, still loving the game despite the issues and thanks for the response.


Thanks for 1.02 guys, game’s a lot more stable now, have had maybe 2 crashes in 20 hours of gameplay. Noticed they were both caused by music transitions when changing areas, don’t think that’s been mentioned previously, hopefully that’s useful. Loving the game!


Woah. Interesting observation. Thanks a lot for that heads up, @faufnir!


Pink screen issue is STILL IN THE GAME during cinematic… this is a joke? or you are just totally incompetent?

Yes after a month and 2 patch i think i have be patient enough. Having to reload the game if i want to see the story and hope it will not happen again is major issue i can’t believe after all the feedback you get this is still in the game

But if you decide to fix your game again pink screen happen during cinematic and my game always crash something like 5-10 mins after the pink screen when he not do that randomly…

Yes i am mad because i care for this game apparently you don’t


They are a small team working on their new studio’s first title. The games graphics, music, voice acting, designs, animations, etc. are all really well done, and overall it has a great atmosphere. Yes the bugs suck, especially the ones that make the game crash, but to imply that people that are doing something that you can’t even do are incompetent, and telling them that they don’t care about their own project when they are actively trying to fix the problem is just being a dick on your part.


And your post is absolutely useless i have already talk with people from their team they indeed really show good will to fix things and i regret my post.

I still think the state this game was released on ps4 is unacceptable and i have every right to be angry especially when so many devs leave their game with many issues even months after the release specially on kicksarter project and peoples like you are part of this problem you just do more harm than good.

This game as others issues specially on my native language i can deal with, i don’t even complain about them and most are fix now but having issues like pink screen/random crash is a deal breaker for me and from what i see for many other too.

Like i said in MANY other post and place what is truly sad is that this game is really good but held back by some bad issues but if they fix the bad one i recommend this game to everyone.

I still regret to have buy this game day one not the game itself and i won’t say otherwise for trying to be the nice/cool guy or whatever because i think my point of view is more than valid. I am done with my complain about this game and i hope the best with the next patch and for the game !


So can we hope for another patch soon? it’s been 2 month we wait for the fix of the ps4 version like you promise…


That’s what I wonder as well … .


Yesterday the game crashed on me! I was so surprised but it happened as I was entering the area with the maze (forgot its name). So strange!


So no answer? it was the least you can do at this point

for reminder all what you have done is making random crash less frequent that all even worst with the patch 1.02 you have introduce an horrible stuttering in the game !! such a great work for devs who claim coming from AAA project by the way don’t tell me you have working on darsiders 2 it would be too hilarious

Again simple question can we still hope for a fix? all i ask is a yes or no after 2 months this is not ask to much i think…


With the last patch, you still may be getting crashes, but they should be a lot less frequent: maybe every 6 to 8 hours instead of every two. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to completely eliminate these crashes; it may take updating the version of Unity we’re using, which could easily introduce other issues.

And the video issues should be far less frequent than they were. Again, completely solving that issue will probably involve a Unity update.

You shouldn’t ever get corrupted saves anymore.

Plus there are a ton of gameplay and balance updates we’ve made since launch.

Where are you getting stuttering? We raised the framerate cap in combat to 60 fps. We did have a few reports that in certain combat situations, combat might drop below 60 fps and therefore feel jerky at times.


First i probably sound more harsh than i really want to be because i struggle with english but i really think the state you release this game and the state he is now are unacceptable.

You have reduce random crash by a lot this is true but they still happen and certainly not every 8 hours.

The video issues is what we call pink screen i guess? if yes this still happen way to often, this is the main problem i have,i have try to grind dungeons and this happen one out of three more or less on some dungeons. This issue is far from being resolve

For the Stuttering, i have that during combat this is a little hard for me to explain in english but let’s say during 1 minutes in combat, i have 10 seconds where the game look like a slideshow and this is like that every minutes during fight but you must know because other peoples have report this issue here and actually a lot if you monitoring other forum,once again this wasn’t happening before the patch … this not game-breaking but annoying and i am not a fps maniac far from that i don’t care about fps drop here and there but when i say slideshow this is what i really mean

Anyway you still don’t answer my question can we still hope for another patch??? because when i read your post all i understand is: we admit our game is far from working normally, we try but we are not competent enough for fix things and we don’t really care anymore, deal with it and thanks for the money. I think a lot of peoples wish they could give answer like that in their job.

For peoples who think this is normal to sell a broken product and i overreact let me tell you this most peoples who have buy this game on ps4 are mad about all the issues this game has, i can see that from many forums but they already don’t care about this game when i still try to give this game a chance

By the way this game is not that cheap in my country i even took a month with amazon prime for enjoy this game day one, funny right? And sorry for my awful english and long post i try my best, so deal with it