PS4 Issue: Occasional crashes


Are you on a PS4 or PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim?
PS4 Pro

EU or NA?

Are you playing from a disc, or from the downloaded game?
Digital Download

Do you have the game update installed (1.01)?

About how long have you played?

How often has the game crashed for you?

Have you had your save data get corrupted?
Thankfully no

Do you play with spotify running on the ps4, or any other apps in the background?
Nothing except I was talking with a friend in Party Chat

One of the crash I was exiting the first dungeon and I got a crash back to the PS4 menu (I submitted the report) and the other is still in the first dungeon upon reaching the boss room (it triggers a cutscene) my whole screen was pink. I was able to minimize the game back to the PS4 menu, close the game, reload it and the cutscene played correctly after.


Hi there,

  1. PS4 Pro
  2. NA
  3. Download
  4. Yes, update is installed
  5. 4 hours
  6. It has hard-crashed once and frozen once (post battle, music was still playing)
  7. Save data was not corrupted
  8. No Spotify. It’s possible that Netflix or Amazon Video were suspended in the background but not sure.

Additionally - as has been mentioned by others, I got the pink screen when approaching the boss of the first dungeon. I haven’t come to any other place where animation is supposed to load yet, but I’m worried about playing much farther as I don’t want to miss any more.


-Downloaded Game
-Yes game says it is up to date
-2ish hours
-Twice. First crash didn’t corrupt anything and I was able to reload the game. 2nd crash came after defeating Iron Outpost. But I didn’t notice anything until I tried to load the game to play again. I turned it off after defeating the Iron Outpost and turned it back on the next day. Also, like others, it did go to a pink screen at the last battle scene. I had to skip the scene to advance to battle.
-Yes save data would not load. Game will not allow to “continue” and use saved data. Trophies are still viewable though. I also tried to upload saved data from online to no avail.
-Nothing running in the background.


Hello i really LOVE the game, but this issue is really annoying for say the least…

  • PS4
  • EU
  • I play from disc
  • yes(1.01)
  • 8 hours
  • a lot ! often before boss/cutscene i have the infamous pink screen…
  • 1 time just before the first boss.
  • No,never.


PS4 Pro
Latest update
About 8 hours
3 or 4 times, once after the first dungeon and I got the pink screen during the cutscenes there, once after the second dungeon, then a couple of random crashes
Save hasn’t corrupted
No other apps running

Also, like another person above me I didn’t get the trophy for defeating a Beastmaster monster. I beat the first one and nothing popped for me.

downloaded game
10 hours/2 hours
Every ~2 hours
Yes; after 10 hours on first playthrough, and on second playthrough after 2

To say that is is unacceptable is a massive understatement; I’ll be aggressively pursing a refund via the Playstation store, and other folks should do the same.


@extraordinarilydissa: I totally agree this is completely unacceptable. We’re pushing as hard as we can to find a solution. I’m so sorry. :frowning:


Okay, everytime it crashes, i submit the error form, other indie devs ive spoken to said that actually helps a lot in figuring out the issues.

  1. PS4
  2. Downloaded Digital Game.
  3. Completely updated.
  4. 18 hours (crashed after 3hours, 4hours, 2hours sections.
  5. Its crashed to ps4 home screen 4 times, i got a pink screen during the first dungeon cutscene, and a black screen diring junktown boss cutscene, both times i was able to skip the screen by pressing circle, but the game crashed to ps4 home a few minutes later.
  6. No data has been corrupted yet, but i have auto upload to cloud too just in case.
  7. No other apps open.


@SomaXD: Submitting the error definitely helps.

Did ALL of your crashes happen shortly after a video failed to play?


2 of them were definitely as a result of the dungeon boss cutscenes, the other 2 felt Like something was trying to load, like a zone change or going into battle and it was too much stress…


I’ve been playing close to 18 hours. The game has crashed seven times so far and froze once. Thankfully my save file has not been corrupted (yet?). It has crashed loading into battles, right after the Junktown boss fight (I had to skip the pink screen/cutscene) and leaving the Southern Gate right after speaking with Aluman the first time. When it froze was after an overworld battle, it tallied up exp then never went forward after so I had to close the game out. I have sent a few error reports as well.


Greetings! Wonderful Game! I too have experienced the crash on PS4.

I am running the game on a standard PS4. (no slim or pro)
North America
Playing on a disc
Game is up to date.
Played for about 2 hours.
Game crashed only once. It was during a load screen while leaving an explorable area and heading back out to the overworld map. I was booted to the Playstation home screen.
Save Data was not corrupted. Thank Heaven
No other apps are running in the background.

I love your game. My wife does too. You guys are doing great work. Keep it up. Next, lets bump that 30FPS up to 60 on consoles. (HAHA jk. I don’t care. That much.)


Finally had my savegame get corrupted after playing for around 8-10 hours total. Nothing in particular seems to cause the crashes; they happen when opening inventory, when zoning, when walking on the world map.

My setup:

  • PS4
  • NA
  • Downloaded game
  • Version 1.01
  • 8-10 hours
  • Every 30-60 minutes.
  • Save corrupted in last crash
  • Nothing else running on the system but the game.


Hi !

  • PS4
  • EU
  • Downloaded game
  • Version 1.01
  • 10 hours
  • Every 1-2 hours
  • Yes, file data corrupted after a crash at the end of a battle
  • Nothing else running on the PS4

Now, a new game, 4 hours, lvl 8 - but i can’t access to the perks, this item dosen’t appear in the book menu.
Looks like i need to restart a 4th game from the beginning.


No, mine happened when exiting an area onto the world map. (the one with the boxer at the beginning of the game)


PS4 Pro
1.01 is installed
8 hours
4 times
No save data corrupted
No apps running in the background.

Guys awesome game been waiting for this game for over a year and pre ordered but please get a patch out to fix the crashes as this is not acceptable.


Regular ps4 running firmware 5.0
NA version
Digital version
Fully updated
Over the course of a roughly 3 hour play through, the game has crashed on me once, but it has not corrupted my save file
No apps in background.

In addition to the crashing issues:

the cutscene in the first dungeon went to a pink screen, no audio was playing. Was able to hold the circle button to get out of it and game continued fine.


Are you on a PS4 or PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim? PS4
EU or NA? EU
Are you playing from a disc, or from the downloaded game? Disc
Do you have the game update installed (1.01)? Yes
About how long have you played? Around 22.4 hours
How often has the game crashed for you? I believe 11 times thus far
Have you had your save data get corrupted? Not yet thankfully
Do you play with spotify running on the ps4, or any other apps in the background? No.

It’s almost averaging out to a crash every 2 hours. Which tends to coincide nicely with a couple of dungeon runs, (normal then legendary). I’ve noticed the pink screen bug almost always precedes a guaranteed crash upon getting out to the world map again (which annoyingly messes about with the retrying of a dungeon but nothing serious). The way these crashes seem to come about, IMO at least would be some sort of memory leak, like too many battles have loaded and not “unloaded” correctly/fully thus taking up too much resources until the PS4 says “I give up!” either way, I love this game a lot, but the crashing is starting to really grate on my nerves at this point. =/


First sorry for my poor english but i have encounter new form of crash/bug so i report them here, i hope that helps

  • The game can crash everywhere and i have this error code when this happen : CE.34878.0

  • during cutscene my screen is black but the audio and subtitle are displayed correctly the game don’t crash but this is another game breaking bug for me

  • before cutscene the game crash and the screen become totally pink.

The game seem amazing but these issue happen way to often in the state the game is now he is unplayable for me…


Second time messaging on here. So after playing it most of today it seems the wretched pink-screen-of-death only affects the first boss section. However, the game has crashed about 6 times in total today and it always seems to be during a transition, whether that’s getting into a fight, starting a fight or entering/exiting a dungeon.