PS4 Battle Chasers group


I noticed there was an XBox One group so figured I would set one up for the PS4. We can discuss any issues, trophies and basically what we think of the PS4 version.


I have a BC community set up on psn… Just search “battle chasers” in communities on ps4, you should find it.

(Unless you meant here… Then… Yeah!)


Thanks for letting me know and I’ll have a look and join over the weekend. Thought we could use this thread on here too for any issues and feedback on the PS4.


Sounds good. I’ll be joining this weekend as well. We can use the forum as well.


We really appreciate you guys gearing up to provide feedback and report issues!

We have a Bugs and Feedback forum section, which we’ll be combing through carefully during beta and beyond. I recommend you post your PS4 bugs/issues/feedback in there, so it doesn’t get overlooked!


Just joined the battle Chasers community on PlayStation network. PlayStation ID is Kakashiwolf


Yo has anyone gotten there beta access yet