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Physical Rewards : any news?


anyone receive their Signed Print Add-On after contacting Airship yet? sent an email mid september and havent gotten anything yet… patiently waiting lol.


Nearly 1 month ago (21/09) I replied to someone in charge of “fulfillment for Airship Syndicate” because at that time I was said it wasn’t normal I hadn’t received anything…
Today the situation is till the same… I hope everything is fine… still waiting and keeping my fingers crossed.


What I believe is happening, though like you I haven’t received any communication from airship, is that they’re waiting until the art book reprint is done before sending out any further physical rewards. So if like me and you haven’t received anything yet, we will be waiting until then for anything.


A little news in regard to the new comics:


Still waiting on physical rewards. I had an e-mail back a few weeks ago saying there was a printing issue and was not given a timescale. Trying to be patient but this has been over three years now…

Actually, there was an update yesterday on the Kickstarter comments section. Just checked and it says they are waiting for the art books to be printed so everything can go out together. Still no timescale but nice to finally have a small update I suppose.


Not to discount anything youre saying, but the game released almost exactly a year ago… so the timeframe for rewards should be measured a bit differently than just saying 3 years. We backed a game, they spent all that time on making the game… they release game… NOW they focus on rewards.

Still im getting anxious as well… but its only been a year since the game has finished… on top of all the updates and fixes they had to work on over the following months AFTER release… which means rewards have only been focused on fully for about 6 months.

Just remember, you gave money for the game to get made/updated so that took priority. Our rewards are a bonus and are coming… just be patient a little longer. lol.


I get what you are saying but the rewards aren’t really a bonus as we paid for them. Finishing the game was the priority but there is no reason the rewards couldn’t have been made during the development of the game, so they were released alongside the game. It has just been delay after delay and the wait is getting a bit ridiculous now.

Despite this I will remain patient as I know Joe Mad and his team have poured everything into this project. They have worked hard to create a masterpiece of a game and I thank them all for that. I also realise that the printing issues have not been caused by them and that they have just been extremely unlucky in that regard.

I just hope we get our rewards within the next month because it would be an amazing early Christmas gift from them…


I am still waiting on on physical rewards as well. I have not heard back from Airship in months. The only emails I get are from the community with postings of, " Still having got physical rewards yet" and the alike.

At this point, I do not think Airship is going to honor the physical rewards.