Physical Rewards : any news?


Me too! Finally the Time is Come! :joy:


Still waiting on the signed print here. Hopefully they will be sent out soon…


I just received my package! I got the tv shirt, cloth map, art book, signed poster, and print. Now I just need the rest. lol


@Bradym1 That’s great news! Did you receive shipping notifications first?
What delivery service was used? Where was it shipped from?


Sadly no. All I received was the mass email from Airship Syndicate to verify and update my address (Same one everyone else got back in July).

They used USPS Priority Mail, and it was shipped from
“Tiny Fish Printing
139 Garson Ave.
Rochester NY 14609-6122”.

The only thing I’m lacking now is the stuff I shelled out a lot for in the (Post-Kickstarter) New History Edition, the sketch and comics (digital copies of 10-12, and physical copy of 10).


Thanks, @Bradym1! This was VERY helpful. USPS has an “informed delivery” service that lets you know about in transit packages and I have one coming from Rochester!


Any email to check in fulfillment?


So how long before we contact them to let them know we haven’t recieved our package?


Yep, nothing here too. Really pissed off… I believe anyway that they are sending first to people who live in the USA, then in the rest of the world.


Thanks! I had no idea they offered that, says mine is out for delivery today…


That’s what has me worried. I am in the US.


I received my rewards in the mail today. All items were accounted for and in great condition.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting your art book, prepare to be underwhelmed. The “book” is tiny maybe 5X8, (I mean, I didn’t put a ruler up to it or anything.) and super thin.

I know Airship never specified the books dimensions, at least to my knowledge, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. I have the art books for both Darksiders games, and they are stellar! I was hoping this book would be on par with those. I feel like a standard has been set, and this “book” falls way below that.

I committed to this tier solely for the art book.

I really enjoyed the game.


I too backed this project almost exclusively for the art book and I couldn’t possibly be more saddened by this pitiful little thing. I posted pics of it on the KS comments page but man. I feel totally and completely ripped off.


Today i received a mail with a brief summary of the last posts of this forum. So i read that they are reprinting the artbook. Maybe they postponed the missing deliveries to include the new one in?

I don’t know.

@tortillalady : Sorry for that, mine was just a hypotesis… I don’t know why they are sending things apparently without a scheme.


When should I expect a tracking number for the physical rewards?


i received the first part of rewards [not the artbook] about 2 weeks ago, but no tracking number.


Hey there! If you’re still missing your rewards please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to get you sorted.


Email sent. Hopefully I will finally get my rewards.


I’ll send an e-mail over now as I still haven’t received the signed print add-on. Thanks for posting in here and advising us to e-mail in.


Hey guys! We’ve been getting emails from backers who didn’t get their packages, and all looks to be sorted once you write in. If you’re reading this and still need help then please email us at . Thanks!