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Physical Rewards : any news?

Just got this email:
Rewards are coming!
Thank you for backing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, we couldn’t have made the game without you!

As we prepare to ship out physical campaign rewards, we want to ensure everyone has their survey information up to date.

Fingers crossed

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@NadiaRedHead Believe me, I feel the same. I also purchased an add on t-shirt so my bro could have one and now I don’t think they are going to let us get more than one size.

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yeah got the email too. Summoned them LOL

I emailed about the size for the other shirt and got that straightened out really fast.

So… @tortillalady since the last message other two months have passed. Do you have any news? I wrote an email to the airship support, but they never answered me.

Honestly i’m losing my patience, and i’m thinking to start a BIG shitstorm all over the social media channels, and if nothing should come yet, contacting the usa fraud department to start a shakedown. All of this is ridiculous.

Hi guys, well considering the images published about all the physical rewards (tee, prints, sketches) it’s only a matter of time. OK time has elapsed but it’s certain it will come.
Be a little bit more patient! I’m just like you, expecting my physical rewards but I can still wait because I’m not worried about if I will receive them or not, I know I will! :wink:


… I mean, it’s a gentle euphemism saying that time is enlapsed, like it’s very optimistic thinking that between the bakers none should think that his rewards will never come.

BUT okay, I’m now seeing with those eyes that stuff is going on. I’m still upset, but yes, I can wait a littke bit more. Hoping that we are talking about that : moderately short times.

Thanks for your polite reply notwithstanding my (still present ) full battle alert.


@NadiaRedHead sorry for the late response, my job kinda ate my life. The kickstarter update was welcome news, but yes I agree this is a stupid long time to wait. As my brother said, they had 2 years and they couldn’t secure some of this beforehand? I don’t think alerting authorities would do much, they have showed they are working on it so it isn’t truly fraud. But hopefully it will be sent out soon. It would be nice to have the rewards before the game has been out a year.

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Man, I hope that Physical Artbook is thicker than what the pictures look like. 40ish pages? That’s the only reason I paid $220 was for that book. I have all the Darksiders Artbooks and they are 200+ pages each at $80 dollars (when I bought them).

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It kinda sucks the Switch got that awesome Monika and Link promo artwork and the other systems didn’t…My bro says they should send it to all the backers for free since we’ve been waiting so long. :sweat_smile:

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Agree with you Man! I hope that it will come with a higher number of pages.

Still no physical copy for the switch, whats going on? you have all my details and
its out Now, why have we not received the backers copies?!!!
I just want to play the game!

Ditto, Still no physical rewards, but I know they are working on it. Maybe just a little more attention to the forums and love to the backers between the mad rush to get out all the versions… I could even drive down to the studio and get it if postage is an issue! LOL

Got this email yesterday:

"We’re about to ship physical rewards!

We’re prepping to ship your Battle Chasers: Nightwar physical rewards, but first we need to make sure we have your correct shipping information.

Below is what’s listed on your account. If it’s blank or incorrect, log in to and update it!

Again, if the above is blank or looks incorrect - go update it here:

Please note, if your package includes a t-shirt we can’t ship your stuff until we have an address on file and you’ve selected a shirt size on your account page.

Thank you everyone!

P.s. - If you have a piece of custom artwork coming from Joe, like a sketch card, those will be shipped separately, once complete."

Me too! Finally the Time is Come! :joy:

Still waiting on the signed print here. Hopefully they will be sent out soon…

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I just received my package! I got the tv shirt, cloth map, art book, signed poster, and print. Now I just need the rest. lol


@Bradym1 That’s great news! Did you receive shipping notifications first?
What delivery service was used? Where was it shipped from?

Sadly no. All I received was the mass email from Airship Syndicate to verify and update my address (Same one everyone else got back in July).

They used USPS Priority Mail, and it was shipped from
“Tiny Fish Printing
139 Garson Ave.
Rochester NY 14609-6122”.

The only thing I’m lacking now is the stuff I shelled out a lot for in the (Post-Kickstarter) New History Edition, the sketch and comics (digital copies of 10-12, and physical copy of 10).

Thanks, @Bradym1! This was VERY helpful. USPS has an “informed delivery” service that lets you know about in transit packages and I have one coming from Rochester!