Physical Copies


I got mine 3 days ago. Arrived in perfect condition, really happy! :slight_smile:


Hey, @Strydak! Updates for the Switch version have been collected on this thread:


They are fooling us! No copy, no refund - not even replies on taking care. They won´t even tell you the shipping adress from their side and no tracking numbers(because there are NONE!)

WE HAVE BEEN FOOLED AND BETRAYED!!! SHAME on them! Taking my money for nothing!

until I don´t get a copy or at least a tracking number for a send package I don´t believe anything they say!



I’m still waiting my physical copy, a friend received it a month ago, i sent an email to support and they said a copy will be sent, but this was a weeks ago, my friend received the copy with the same issue, but i’m still waiting, so much time have passed and it seems mine will not arrive, maybe was sent to wrong address, maybe never sent or maybe lost in transit?

I’m still waiting my copy to play the game, since i didn’t use my digital key yet, what can i do?

PS: I’m from Europe if that matters


When you guys say physical copies do you also mean the goodies involved with that? I spent over 200 bucks for the physical art book and have heard nothing in the way of delays or anything. What the hell is going on?


I believe they are referencing the physical game. The other physical rewards are delayed. They are still designing them, or at least that is what they have said.


@scottalot please see here:
Airship Response