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Physical Copies


For the European people i received an UPS email. My Physical copy will arrive today. Ihope you have yours too.


Received my mail today also. Physical copy will arrive tomorrow.


Hi, my name is Jonathan. If you live in North America and you have not received your game, please message me. We shipped the PS4, Xbox1, and PC games ONLY in North America. Feel free to contact me if there were any other shipping related issues.

Thank you and I hope I can help.


Thank you for the information @shub / @strangelove since I live in France as well I suppose I will see a red and white Airship landing in our garden for Christmas :wink:
That’s all good for me! :slight_smile:


@strangelove was it send last week or i’m still waiting for nothing?


at this point I can buy the game again and actually get it quicker compared to the one I bought through battlechasersdotcom and still haven’t gotten…


I got my copy this weekend, so the last things to wait for ist the Switch version and the physical KS rewards. But I guess this will take some weeks or months, I’m patient.


I got UPS mail last Thursday that it will arrive on Friday, it got postponed to today. So I hope everything works fine and it will arrive as long as there is someone at home.


Mine just arrived today via UPS. I’m in England so it looks like European versions must be making their way to people now. If you haven’t already then e-mail Airship, as they said to do above. They got mine sorted shortly after I e-mailed them. Great that they have dealt with this so well and are ensuring their backers get the game. Better late than never and it is such a stunning case. Just the signed print to go for me now and hopefully that won’t be too far off…


Hi, just received mine today in France, happy to finally have it even if 6 weeks after release for a game i backed is a little disappointing from a publisher like THQNordic.

Anyway, time to play !


Received mine today.


Received mine yesterday and it looks awesome.


Package received on Monday. (France)
Be gone Santa! :fist_right: :santa:


Hello my name is Javier.
I have not received anything yet, neither physical copy of the game, nor physical rewards.
Nobody has contacted me and when I tried to put myself in contact with you to your “e-mail:” nobody has answered me.
Please, someone can tell me something about my orders.



Received my copy today. UPS had banged it up pretty bad tho and the game case is busted… Pretty disappointed by this. Will test the game disc and see if it runs.


@O_Lint, this is pretty bad :frowning: We’re sorry this happened! Send the photo and details to and they’ll look into it.

@Aramusg, physical rewards have not been sent out yet, but the game should be on its way to you. Whereabouts do you live, and how long ago did you email support? If you live in North America, please check this post:


@ortizgames Thanks for the swift reply. Already sent a mail to check what can be done about this. Hoping the physical rewards will be packaged a bit better (to survive the brutal postal workers :slight_smile:)


I’m sorry to hear that. We shipped everything with the post office, but you
said you received it UPS? Are you in North America? What’s your name and


(@TinyFishPrinting @Aramusg This is still in the public forum; you should move this conversation to PM before posting any personally identifiable information)


I am still waiting for the switch physical copy?
Any updates on eta?