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Physical Copies


Same here, still waiting physical copy (France) :timer_clock::pray::santa:


Same here, still no news from my copy (in France too)


Has anyone in Europe received their copy yet? I live in England and still haven’t received mine. I haven’t received a shipping e-mail or anything.


Also from the UK and haven’t had any E-mails or anything regarding my physical copy


I’m living in Germany and I haven’t received my copy and the other physical goodies too.


I didn’t get my physical stuff jet-artbook and stuff…anyone has some ideas?


Living in Portugal and 1 month as passed since the release and no physical copy yet. Any info on that yet?


Our publisher, THQNordic, was the shipper of all backer physical copies in Europe. As far as we know they were all sent out. If you didn’t get yours please email with your user name, your correct shipping address and the platform you requested when you did the physical upgrade, and we’ll follow up with them on it.


And the people who are waiting for the rest of physical rewards: t-shirt, mapl cloth and artbook…?


Got a reply from that told me to check for a tracking link which I hadn’t received, told them that and got a reply that a replacement will be sent out ASAP. So contacting the support mail seems to help, for the people still in the dark. Haven’t received the tracking link yet tho, so we’ll see :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is for the physical copies of the game. As I’ve understood it the other physical backer rewards are being sent out at a later date so I’m guessing that they can’t help with that yet.


It seems I’m among the unlucky ones as well.
I will dig into all my emails again to check if I haven’t missed the email with the tracking number but as of today I still haven’t received my physical copy of the game… so I tend to think I won’t receive it if I don’t claim it.


I’m an unlucky one also.
When will we receive our physical rewards?


I sent a mail, and got a quick reply that my physical copy will be send ASAP. So hopefully this time it works.


I haven’t sent any email yet… I will wait 1 more extra week.


Any of you here ordered a physical copy from another continent? I mean, maybe there will be taxes or delays or what… ? I’m from Italy and honestly i’m a little worried about these things.


We are working on the other physical rewards, like the shirts, book, and other stuff now. Once done they’ll all be shipped at once. We’ll post a progress update once we get close!


I’ve sent an email to as requested. (I’m a backer located in France) Here is the reply:
“Sorry for the delay - we’re still finishing shipping the EU physical copies this week”

I guess this is taking way more time than it was planned :thinking:

Wait and see :santa:


Thank you Shub!! So… Let’s wait, then. Maybe we’ll have a great surprise for this Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a bit upset. We are backers and we’ll have our physical copy AFTER the release in shop??
Thank THQ for the reward!!


I am really pissed right now. Its now more then six weeks after release and meanwhile the price is falling in the shops so my still not yet received phsycal copy is losing day by day worth. I rather want to have my money back now!