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Physical Copies


So what do I do, when I didn’t get a tracking number and I still didn’t get the physical copy? I’m living in Germany, so it could take some time to get here, but I’m still a little worried.


Many of us are in the same boat. I live in England and haven’t received anything so far. No tracking information or anything. May be a European delay…


European here as well. Heard nothing so far. Hoping for some sort of confirmation that the physical copies have shipped of are shipping soon-ish.


Got my physical copy Monday night and I am very pleased with the game. I also received in a padded envelope but the PS4 game package and game were just fine. Updated the 5.0 firmware for the system and the day one patch and things seem to be working great so far. Overall very pleased with this endeavor.


Got my physical copy myself as of this past Monday, in the same style of envelope mentioned in previous replies. Only concern is that the disc seemed loosely packaged in the case, but aside from that, no signs of damage and the disc runs just fine.


I would wish someone from the Airship team would give a short update - at least, it´s annyoing…


Still not have my physical copy.


In some other thread they said, the thirs party company is shipping out in waves. So I think we should wait a little longer. :pensive:


Once you release the Switch version of the game, which physical edition will you send us? The regular edition or this one? I supose it will be the regular edition, but I lose nothing asking.

But the important question is… Will you send the US version to everyone or you’ll send the EU version to us (I’m from Spain)?


This is actually the only time that I’ve seen this edition. Is this the only site, where it is sold?


I know that the team was hoping to release a Collector’s Edition when the PS4 and Xbox One versions launched, but they weren’t able to pull it off. It looks like they’re using the extra time leading up to the Switch release to finally make it happen. Overall, it’s pretty cool. Still, I can’t help feeling bummed that only Switch owners will get access to these cool bonus items.


Hey, guys,
That Retro Edition thing is completely unofficial. We have no affiliation with the website doing this. There is no official bundled/collector’s edition for Battle Chasers: Nightwar, right now or currently in the works.


Wow, really? Thanks for the heads up, Andres!


Is there still someone who hasn’t got the physical copy yet?


I still haven’t received mine.


Same here, was getting a bit worried so thought I’d check. Also don’t seem to even have a backer name on the back wall thing. Feels like I’ve been forgotten :open_mouth:


Same here. It’s starting to feel like dealing with corpo. :frowning:


@strangelove or any other employee at Airship got any insight into this? I still haven’t heard anything about my physical copy. From Europe.


Same here. I don’t receive physical rewards and the HD Digital Worldmap…


Heyo o/ Still dont have my hardcopy. Just send a mail to THQNordic … hope they answer.