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Physical Copies


I’m totally hooked on the game and am happy I was able to support it, but for me, the physical upgrade was a mistake. I won’t see my copy until at least two weeks after the release, it is of no use to me and was a total waste of money. Considering their intent was to have it to us on release day, this is really disappointing.


I agree with the sentiment for sure. I would encourage you to contact AirShip about this, THQNordic, and Joe & Steve Madureira on Twitter to express this. They need to hear from more people. To be fair, we did get an electronic copy in addition to getting it physically, which is more expensive than what I paid. So while I’m disappointed, I’m also grateful they got us something to play on launch day.


Yeah, sorry guys. This didn’t quite go as we expected. Getting through the process of ordering, having them to a place where we could ship them, getting 'em shipped… we’re sorry you’ve had to wait this long.

They’ve all shipped however, and should be coming soon.


We did get a download, true, but it was meant as a “just in case.” Frankly, had we not gotten a digital version to make up for the physical copy delay, I would’ve been pissed. Not being able to play a game I backed on release day would’ve been inexcuseable in my book.

I was already disappointed to see a PS4 preorder exclusive theme that I can’t get and when I add it all up, I paid about $60 for a game I could’ve gotten for half that.

So yeah, definitely regret that physical upgrade.

I appreciate your support, but writing to all those people does me no good now. It would’ve been nice to get a refund and have them keep my copy. Instead, I’ll likely just sell it at a loss.


@strangelove hanks for the reply. I know you guys were hoping to see the physical shipments in-hand on launch day, but I also know some of that was out of your hands. Unfortunately, this is the 2nd Kickstarter I’ve been a part of where my physical item did not arrive in the expected timeframe.

I just checked my tracking number and the only update says that a shipping label was created and that USPS is still awaiting the item? Is there any ETA on delivery? I’m across the US so I know it’ll probably take a few days, but the fact that USPS says that they haven’t received the item yet concerns me.



Completely agree. I do feel upset that. I’m trying to remain positive and understanding about the whole thing, but I am frustrated.

I had NO idea there was a pre-order exclusive theme! That does seem kinda shoddy not to get that, but then again, we were told what we were going to get at the perk level we purchased.

I’m not saying that writing to them would yield tangible results. I do think that game creators and companies need to hear from frustrated consumers directly so they know how we feel and, hopefully, learn for the next time. Based on my experience in the gaming industry, taking the time to reach out directly sends a different message, but that could also be based on the company. :man_shrugging:t4:


Should we expect to get a tracking number update through our email? I just haven’t seen anything and I don’t know if I’m looking in the right place.



Be thankful youre getting the physical game just 2weeks late… Ive been rekt by large well established companies harder than this small indie studio.

I preordered Rez Infinite physical edition from iam8bit and didnt get it for 4 months, with a different cover than promised, no communication, and they didnt even send a digital copy so i can play on launch day… and then they gave me their mass misprinted covers and lied about it. (I will never do business with them again, they are a complete scam)

So far, dealing with Airship Syndicate (and THQNordic) has been a dream. They constantly communicate with us, (more than youll get from any other big company)

Also, we were never entitled to the physical version anyway, as it wasnt part of what you backed. (You got what you originally backed so… Maybe some gratitude that they even offered the upgrade to us… Because They didnt have to.)

The physical upgrade option was a HUGE bonus from the devs, not to mention they gave you 2 whole copies.

On top of that, the physical copy was mainly wanted by people who collect physical copies of games and wanted to add this one to their shelf. So why would you pay the extra price for physical upgrade if you never intended to keep the game in your collection?

Does it suck you dont have the physical game in hand right now? Sure, but, were still getting the physical copy for our collection, PLUS the digital copy, youre playing now. and if you want to sell the physical version when you get it… Fine, it was only an extra 10$ so get the 20$ you make from it… Youll be profiting from Airships kindness though.


Good points, @SomaXD. We’re getting you a little riled up though, aren’t we. :wink: Totally unintentional on my part.

I agree that gratitude is the best attitude. It’s very easy to see what we don’t have. I’m only chomping at the bit because I want to start the game over and play it on my big screen. I could have chosen the PS4 code, I suppose, but I thought it would be silly to have two copies on the same device. So I chose Steam. Still loving the game, just want it on my PS4. :smiley:


Be thankful I’m getting something I paid for JUST two weeks late? I’m sorry. My standards are not that low.

Actually, I saw no communication on the status of the physical copies at all up until yesterday. Though, I do appreciate that Airship is attempting transparency with things like the PS4 updates. It is rare, to be sure, but not unheard of by any means.

I bought the physical copy to avoid a lengthy download and because I like owning more than just data. Well, point one is already moot and since I’m already running the digital version, it makes no sense for me to uninstall that version and install the disc version.

I’ve already said everything I have to say on this subject. I regret having purchased the upgrade and am disappointed in the delay. Nothing more. It hasn’t taken away from my enjoyment of the game and that’s what really matters.


The primary point you missed entirely is the fact youre here at Airship Syndicates forums complaining at the developer over an issue with the publisher…

Go over to THQNordics website and complain to them about their handling of the physical distribution. Airship Syndicate isnt responsible, and they have gone above and beyond their personal responsibility to accommodate fans.


I’m not complaining AT them. I’m stating my thoughts on a public forum just like everybody else. We can stop talking about this anytime.


I didn’t have any tracking number by email, are we all supposed to have received it ? (i’m in France)


I didn’t received any email to inform me that I will get my physical copy. I am waiting for a PS4 physical copy. Anyone in the same case than me? I shouldn’t have upgraded my pledge.


I haven’t received any shipping information either. I am happy to wait as Airship were kind enough to let us all have the digital copy along with the physical copy. Looking forward to getting the physical PS4 copy in my hands though…


I am wainting for my PS4 upgrade as well - sad to see shops are selling it before I received it. Although there is no notification of it. I shouldn´t have upgraded too.

BTW: Why is my name / account not on the backers list?


Hi, I haven’t gotten any mail about shipping (asking for a name or shipping ID) as well. I’m from Austria.


I received my copy in the mail today. It arrived in an over-sized padded envelope with no internal bubble wrap or other protective coating. Thankfully, the game case was not dinged or damaged. The only minor gripe I have is something that can happen with the best of games travelling through the mail; a loose disc inside the case.

In closing, while the package left a lot of room for error, my copy arrived in pristine condition.


Exact same here. Glad it came in good condition, but so much could have gone wrong with the way it was packaged.


So I opted for a switch physical copy so I can take this awesome game out and about with me and get on my nice big TV. Yet no news still regarding any physical for the switch.
I get that there has been a few issues, but with an estimated release date of late December on Amazon I’m a little worried it’ll still be a few months for me!
Anyone else waiting on switch copies have any news?