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Original sketches arriving

Many thanks for sharing your sketch!
Will you have the opportunity to do a scan of it? (To get the right angle and no light effect).
If “not” then no problem, I will use that one and share it on as is :wink:

Alas, I don’t have a scanner atm. I can try to fix the angle with another picture, though I’ll have to take it out of the frame now (to avoid the glare and reflections).

No problem. That one is good already! :+1:
Thank you!

Greetings Battle Chasers backers
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say my two original art rewards have arrived and are in my hands. I know it’s been a bit of a wait (!)
I want to thank Kendra, Joe and the Airship team for getting everything squared away.
I am POSITIVE that those still waiting for rewards won’t be waiting for long.

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Share your arts in HD!
… and let me add them to :stuck_out_tongue:

Already shared on the JoeMad facebook page.

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Ho ok, but I thought that you would share a bigger and cleaner version (scan?) without any letters on it.

I can add a larger scan but I always watermark any art I post online. I don’t want any unethical persons printing it out, or adding colors to it, and trying to sell it as an original. It’s just a good practice for the original art community.

I’ve just received my items.
I was only waiting my sketch but I received again the print, the cloth map, the T-shirt and the artbook (maybe there were some stickers, but my package was opened, so who know…)
Thanks Kendra!

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My sketch is very similar to yours… I suppose this is normal considering all the sketches that Joe did…
That being a few of them are really different… some backers were lucky to get those.

… I don’t realy like “simple profile” sketches :zipper_mouth_face:

thanks for sharing. Good to know the original art tiers are being delivered!

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By now everybody should have received his sketch… so… please share them cause I want to see them! :stuck_out_tongue: