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Original sketches arriving

Nothing since the last batch.

bumping to see if anyone has seen anything recently? Still waiting for my Battle Chasers game art and 8x11 inked piece.

Sorry, still nothing on my side, I haven’t received anything physical for the moment.

As posted in other threads;

Wednesday I had sent an email to Airship asking for more updates and better communication.

Good news though, yesterday an email came with a tracking number. :smiley: This is a much bigger improvement from the last shipment.

This is probably just for the Art Books though, still zilch and buptkis on the sketch and the Issue #10… Still no reply from Airship themselves though.

Yup, I’m guessing still no original art for you… Just like me :confused:

I wish they’d actually show some respect for those with outstanding issues. Certainly haven’t felt it.

Well I’m thinking/hoping this changes soon.
Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but hopefully good news soon.

Nope, no sketch. But back on June 6th Airship replied to be saying

“In regards to the sketchies, Joe is actively working on finishing these. We will provide an update as we get closer to sending the next batch out. We understand your frustration regarding the lack of updates and we will work towards having these available when possible.”

received a similar reply around the same time, so lets hope for the best!

Any news since June? Has someone received a sketch this year?
Should we request a refund?

I haven’t heard or seen anything new. I would have hoped to see a few more oit in the wild.

Nothing on my side. Still waiting for everything.

Strange, I live near Paris too and I received my first package a year ago (map, artbook, t-shirt,…).
I pledged the (Last Call) Sketchy Edition.

Well you are super lucky then because I live also near Paris, I pledge at the “Sketchy Edition” (first call) and still nothing for me… except the extra game (physical) that I got from THQ (it was an add-on option directly on the battlechasers website) but nothing from the original kickstarter campaign yet… :sob:

How is this even possible? Don’t you run the biggest JoeMad fan site? Figured you would be at the top of the list. BTW I did get my 3x5 sketch but only that.

I would also add even with the lack of transparency and updates I will always have Joe’s back. And give the Airship Syndicate team the benefit of doubt. That being said I understand the growing negative comments. I hope things work out for the best (and many sequel BATTLECHASERS games!)

Ho you even had the sketch!? :scream:
Could you share it or send a scan to me at ?
… yes I’m the owner of but it doesn’t give me any special benefits… except the opportunity to be able to send an email to Joe from time to time and to get an answer from time to time :sweat_smile:

Ok, back to the topic it may mean that I should start to worry then… regarding the rewards…

Well, it’s been four years since the kickstarter campaign have been funded and the rewards are still in the wild.
There is a ton of complaints in this forum and in the kickstarter page with no answer when you try to contact Airship Syndicate.
The last update was three months ago with no mention about the missing rewards.

So yes, I think we should all be worried…

EDIT: Except three developers, there was nobody from Airship in this forum this year…

You do already have my Joe Sketch up on Sorry it is not a new one adding to the page. But I have enjoyed your site for a long time now. Thx! I would add that Joe’s twitter has been unusually quiet lately, this might be a sign of a final push to wrap up all the loose ends for Battlechasers and the new game.

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Ho sorry for the confusion but thanks again for your contribution! :sweat_smile::innocent::+1:

Just received an email today about my sketch, saying it should arrive in about 2.5 weeks. Hopefully it comes sooner than that, but I’m glad to see some progress.

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